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Brought to you by Lucy Dream! I really did enjoy their previous title Dangerous Fellows (See my post here) so I did follow them to see what they will release next. Not to mention there were other titles, however as they weren't translated into English, I wasn't able to play them! Interestingly they have different app icon for the different languages. Mind you, both gave me a very different feeling when just looking at it. lol

Sadly though, after googling the details for Mystic Codes, all that came up was Fate related articles unless you include the wording "Otome game"! Hopefully this was the post that you were after!
The logo never loaded for me. lol It goes straight to the character screen and this was the best I could do. lol

A police officer -Sunmin Choi - was found dead in the Sillim District of Seoul. At the Police station, the news spread and Laura (Name changeable) were summon back to the MIU squad at the Headquarters. The Mystic Investigation Unit (MIU) are tasked to take on the case, where trails of supernatural powers would only looks normal to the eyes of a normal human. Along with the team at MIU, they investigate on the mysterious "Mystic" that is behind the recent serial murders...


Visual novel! Your choice will take you to a different ending!

This is a very good question. lol

* Switch off the annoying SFX. lol
* Watching a short ad every 20 minutes (Apparently reduced from 1 hour!) to receive three clovers up to 10 times. After the 10th time, you would receive one additional key.
* Watch a short ad to undo your bad ending choice!
* Lookout for Mystic code characters with a clover sign to get the clover reward during the story!
* Share on SNS to get 25 clover! Rewards only available upon the first share on either Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Laura had white hair and not black on the home screen during name time made me surprised, though I guess it suits the supernatural theme having know what was going on afterwards. I do like the memo, paper notes and files on the black board, does give it a more investigation theme going on. Though I didn't quite like how I need to use Clovers to unlock them although they're not that expensive. lol I didn't like how the side characters all didn't have eyes and is have gradient faces. lol Looks like they're scheming something or not feeling well. lol Some of the questions that requires clovers doesn't get you very far... is it just me or it's not overly obvious which character ending you're getting to? Or if there is actually one at all? X'D

The voiced lines didn't appeal to me as much... but does set personality for the characters. Personal favourite is Justin... I just really like his smile, although I suspect there's more behind that smile. lol I'm still far from achieving all the ending - that 250 clovers minimum is going to take me a very long time! I only wish the ad viewing could be done all in one go instead of that 20 minute waits... though imagine it was an hour before! lol I don't know how you did it before that change if you didn't pay. XD

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