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Your Personal Shitsuji Hibari!!

lol Please ignore the fact that I always search iPhone applications with random words that could be related to Otome games. XD

So yeah, I came across this application where you have Mark Book (Fully Voiced by Takashi Kondo) as your personal butler to read you stories! <3

金髪のイケメン執事 *Sparkles*

For those who isn’t familiar with Takashi Kondo, he’s the seiyuu for Hibari Kyouya from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

On first start up, you'll be introduced to Mark Book and you'll be asked two questions.

First question, are you a male or a female? The first thing that came to mind was, didn’t they have Shiori (Fully voiced by Sasaki Nozomi) from Rodoku Shoujo… so why would a guy get this application!? O.o Regardless,

Second question, if you selected a female, he would ask if you like to be called Young lady or Mistress? If you selected a male. He would ask if you like to be called Young master or Master.

Gotta love the little details they add on. Like walking to the chair or back to standing, and change of background during the story telling or during the time of the day/night. There’s music too!!! I’m rather curious about the ability to change clothing… though I haven’t seen any items available for purchase for him. I wonder if he gets dressed up during story telling (The focus seems to have drifted away from the storytelling lol). XD

Apart from getting only as few as 16 sentences from the sample book 1, he actually tells you the birthday flower of the day (which is also Twitted on their Twitter <3 ). That aside, he does talk about random things that's relating to books. XD

For those who don’t have access to the application, don’t be dishearted! Because they actually have samples stories for PC version too! lol This is far better (More free samples) than iPhone yo!

There’s over 20 titles to date, though you need to buy the books to hear his voice. Few titles that might be interesting for him to read would be Sleeping Beauty, Prince of happiness, Snow White… gotta love those Fairy Tales! On a side note, wouldn’t this remind you of the Royal Prince Gakuen?! XD

That’s all you really get out of a free application! Which is pretty alright for hearing more from your favourite seiyuu. I hope they will make more of other seiyuus!

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