[Android] Hoozuki no Reitetsu Jigoku no Puzzle mo Kimi Shidai

Bubble Youkai

Brought to you by Taito Corporation! Not to be mixed up with the other Hoozuki no Reitetsu Puzzle game which have been taken down due to the first anime release was years ago now... OAD are still being released however. lol

This one is the newer and improved version, with more characters and a different gameplay! It is made up of various chapters of different stand alone stories. So kind of like an episode per chapter? On top of it there are character (card) stories too, though they're not fully voiced like the main chapters. Not to mention there's the remix version of the highly catchy opening song from season 1!

Koko wa Jigoku!
I always liked the posters from Hoozuki no Reitetsu! Look at the amount of detail, despite the plainly designed main character!

Playable characters seems to be pretty standard. There are only character voice if they are included in the main story so I'll save myself time from typing them up, but below are some of the character that are seen throughout the game.

* Hoozuki
* Enma Daio
* Hakutaku
* Momotaro
* Karashi
* Shiro
* KakisukE
* Rurio
* Okou
* Karauri
* Nasubi
* Peach Maki
* Koban
* Miki
* Gon
* Ichiko & Niko
* Minamoto No Yoshitsune

Hoozuki seems like the only character with a weapon in this game...

Same as Bubble Dragons, which is not surprising, since it's also one of their game! lol Tap to release the character bubble (They call it puzzle but I think calling them bubble is easier) or hold to align before releasing. The aim is to clear all the characters bubble displayed. However, there are other times where you just need the required score or simply retrieve all lost souls. Fulfill the star rating requirement to progress. Start from the bottom to up then on to the next chapter and more!

Don't forget to harvest the peach trees and use the ingredients collected throughout the stages to make useful items!

Or watering the Kingyosou!

* Login daily for rewards!
* Add friends! Here's my friend code: 72362693
* Always use the recommended character for each stage as the criteria changes every stage.
* Aim higher to remove bubbles from the root! This would escalate the clearing and get higher scores!
* Use the character skill when the bar is maxed!
* Use items if you're really stuck.
* As you rank up will replenish the life, otherwise 1 heart per hour.
* Don't forget to water the Kingyosou! Friends could help too.

Download the game now and you could get a free 4 stars Hoozuki card! That card is very helpful until you rolled a 4+ stars card! I was luckily enough to roll two 5 stars card, however unlike other card games, there was no way to power up the card by merging them together. Funny enough, I actually re-registered my account since I accidentally disposed the free 4 stars Hoozuki card! lol Hence my player ID changes from 30578185 to 72362693 overnight when I tried to re-register. Interestingly, they don't have user backup? I wonder if that really is the players count or just random numbers, because that is a huge difference between a 24 hour period! Some stages I did get stuck for hours (mostly because I'm out of life, not so much full on playing for hours lol), and some stages I worked my way up so smoothly... so it's hard to say if this game was difficult or not. lol Regardless, I'll be playing this for some time...

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Re: App store

The game still have monthly events being released. Try the link from their official website. https://hozukino-reitetsu-app.com/

I am on Android but can't find the game in the play store. Did they take it down? I really want to play it


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