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Brought to you by Aniplex Inc! I've only first come across their titles from Persona O.A. (See my post here) and Enkan No Kotowari Daiundoukai (See my post here) and I must say they're all decent quality games.

Seeing the all the news and fans of the Fate franchise... I figured I'll actually give the game a go. Not at a great deal of level because I'm warned with the extremely low gacha rates for this game unless you Kakin (Pay real money), even so it's all by chances! lol Now that I think about it, it's no wonder that even my Persona drop rates wasn't the best either. lol
Just so you have an idea how many users it has been...

Chaldea is an organization tasked with observing Earth's future. In AD. 2004, at a certain provincial town in Japan, a region that could not be observed appeared, so Chaldea carried out its sixth experiment, which is time travel into the past by converting humans into Spiritrons. Having escaped the sabotage, as the last Master, Fujimaru Ritsuka (Name changeable) will partake in the mission Holy Grail: Grand Order, to correct the distortions of the past to prevent the extinction of humanity...

Too many to name, particularly the servants... so below are the important ones from the prologue (in my opinion anyway). lol

Olga Marie

I envy those with ikemen character cards. lol

Turn based card game. Choose 3 command cards range different types of attack such as Buster (heavy attack), Arts (medium attack), and Quick (light attack), to choose Servants and attack the enemies.

Chain comes with bonus attack, ranges from use three of the same type of card (Buster / Arts / Quick Chain) or three cards of the same servant are selected (Brave Chain) is used in one turn.

Servants are obtained via a gacha using Saint Quartz or Friend Points. When you rolled the same Servant card, the card power will automatically increase.

* Login daily!
* Try to chain attack with same type of attack or by characters.
* Don't forget to use character skills.
* Choose a powerful support. lol
* Participate in events!

Despite playing its April Fools game each year, following the fan made contents, watched a few episodes and movies of Fate... I must say the game is very different than what I expected. It's definitely easy for the support characters since they're all on godly levels (Overkill!). But if you haven't got a good starter card, the journey will be hard. lol

One of those rare human characters. lol

I must say I have most interested fan made content with Gudako (Ritsuka's female version) and the servants! XDDDDDD If they ever decided to make an otome game for it, I'm definitely playing! But meanwhile, I think I'm good with playing their short fun releases and watching their movies...

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