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Brought to you by DMM Games! Have been keeping my eyes out for this one because of the beautiful character design by Arina Tanemura, known for her manga Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, but more importantly the character design for Idolish 7 as well (See my post here) which is a title that I've been heavily active on!

Despite that, there are many other games released by them as well such as Touken Ranbu (I played on DMM website instead of Mobile hence I never got around to the mobile version, let alone blog about it), Starry Palette (See my post here) and Namuamida Butsu Rendai Utena (See my post here). Due to the voiced component, I eventually have to uninstall the games on the mobile, so I hope this one will last!
I'm not surprised whenever I see a girl character that have that type of hair of that Marguerite Alice whenever it's designed by Arina Tanemura. XD

Rui (Name changeable) went to a florist where she saw an ikemen owner looking after the flowers. Having a quick browse inside the florist and she saw three pretty coloured crystals which the owner told her that they were seeds that were not for sale. However, having chosen on one of the seed, the seeds turned into the appearance of a girl Sakura, Iris and Marguerite and they were transported to another world called Wonderland after a bright flash. The key to get back to the modern world was the Flower Doll - Alice - that was awaken by her power. Nurture Alice by coordinating their outfits according to various theme and participate into various competitions with other Alice owners...

Just going off with who I think are the main characters! XD

Shiki (CV: Itou Kento)
Edgard (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Kuro (CV: Shirai Yusuke)
Glen (CV: Hoshi Souichirou)
Ceylan (CV: Hirose Daisuke)
Chester (CV: Minagawa Junko)

Sakura Alice and the mysterious Alice...

Dress up and decorate your flower doll with outfits of various themed. Compete in competitions through the story and garden where you could be showing off your Alice to deepen your relationship with other Alice Owners in the Wonderland...

Messaging with Edgard!

* Log in daily for bonuses!
* Play the free gacha once a day! Pretty generous I must say.
* Send Alices off to adventures when you are not playing. i.e. Sleeping. Wait for them to come back with stories and CGs to show off!
* Put an outfit for your Alice based on the theme of the month in the Garden for other players to judge and rank.
* Don't forget to judge other players' Alices for bonuses!
* Don't forget to send hearts to your friends!
* Once you have ranked Gold medal for a stage, you could replay it 10 times in the normal mode or 5 times in the hard mode. This would help you to gather materials to create new apparels!
* Look out for Kuro's expression before submitting the coordinate!

Love Nikki spin off. lol Probably because I choose the Sakura Alice over the other Alice. I wish I could choose the Shouta looking Alice... I want my own Shouta Alice! lol Looking at Glen's one makes me jealous and not to mention he actually have 12 Alice in total (as shown in the short one panel stories during the loading screen). lol The mini also suggested that the Shouta Alice is a mysterious Alice... I wonder if they're man made Alice... i.e. something like a actual robot / doll?

Regardless, play for the collections of pretty clothing and stories - I felt the messenger stories were abit redundant but one could hope that something would happen to Edgard and the player as he slowly opens up to you!! *Fingers crossed*

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