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Trainers Unite!

Brought to you by DeNA Co. Ltd! I haven't quite come across their games previously apart from the test play on their game Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture on Kurako's phone some time ago! I never downloaded that game on my phone in the end (since I was preoccupied with other rhythm games), so I'm not sure if it's just my old phone so I have been getting stuck at the in game shop for gacha for this one. lol

Regardless, this one will be around for quite a while!
More than half of the characters on the cover I still haven't seen in game. lol

Set in the artificial island - Pasio - where the new Pokemon Masters League is founded. The typical battles are fought in teams of 3 on 3 and you are to participate with your fellow Pokemon Trainers the aim to become the champion!

Plenty of characters that you would have come across previously, but there are also new characters such as Professor Bellis and the helpful assistance Trista, Trinnia and Tricia. You also get new villain such as Lear too! Interestingly, the seiyuu for this game is different compared to the anime or their other games. I played the game in English but in Japanese voices, so I was abit surprised when I hear some familiar voices. Below are the characters that I believe are more main characters.

Blue (CV: Osaka Ryota)
Misty (CV: Sakura Ayane)
Brock (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)

Slightly taken by the name Blue for Gary, since I knew him as Green previously. lol

New characters!

Form a team with three Trainers for battle and choose the attacks by focusing on the opponents' weaknesses.

Different characters have different skills so make sure you know what they are to form an effective team!

* You could co-op play with friends! Here's my friend code: 3428-9134-7506-3633
* Login daily for bonuses!
* Do the events and training!
* Read the Sync Pair Stories for bonuses (First time only).
* Roll for better trainers with greater star ratings and potentials!
* Level up the trainers and max your Trainer potentials!
* Every time you lose you get something from the trainers. lol I struggled so much trying to evenly level up all characters which is probably a mistake.

I really liked how the characters are all to the original Pokemon games, so I felt this was more official game compared to Pokemon Go (See my post here) and all the other Pokemon games on mobile that doesn't have trainers! Did I mention that they actually design the player (trainers) too as with their Pokemon games?

Let's go Pikachu!

I have been playing this one for a short while now, and I felt like I've lost the plot after chapter 7. lol That or I have been struggling to get pass the game. Interestingly Rosa is the only 4 star character that you could get from the main story. Slightly disappointed that I haven't been getting the characters that I wanted but will continue to play for a little while...

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