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Dragon Quest Mobile!

Brought to you by Square Enix! I guess much like the recent release of the Harry Potter Wizard Unite (See my post here), more companies are investing in mobile games to help players get fit! (How considerate!?) Or if you think about it in another way, players are getting smarter and smarter not to actually walk it all but still manages to play the game! XD

If they were to localise... I wonder what cover they would have?

A mysterious voice calls out to you to save both worlds from destruction with the Magical compass. A slime named Suramichi, was sent by the Goddess to guide you the way to save the world...

My character!

Click on Quest and then choose the chapter and plot the location on the map. Make sure you could physically go to those places though! XD Once you've reach your destination, open the game again to collect rewards and progress with the story.

First Slime!

Tap on enemies on screen and fight the monsters with your customisable characters (to a maximum team of 4 characters) with various equipment. Level up by defeating these monsters, gain experiences and complete quests.

* I can't believe I'm saying this, but login daily for various rewards - gems/gold/items/crystal pieces! XD
* Turn on auto battle!
* Complete story quests and progress with the story!
* Select longer distance to get more crystal pieces! Psst, between home and local locations of interests and you don't really have to walk it all. XD
* Tap on the shiny area on the map to obtain item.

What I expected was Pokemon Go (See my post here), but what I got was more Dragon Quest Builder x Animal Crossing! XD I like how you will be able to build the map as you progress with the stories. The only thing is that you'll slowly need to walk out of your comfort zones due to the distance limits. lol You could also decorate your home after rank 3, which reminds me of Animal Crossing. lol

Again, much like Youkai Watch World (See my post here), there are some locations (landmarks) which are exclusive to Japan so there are only so much I could do... particularly the lack of battle. orz Regardless, I guess we could look forward to localisation...?

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