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Brought to you by Studio Wasabi! Interestingly this one become one of its own game instead of building onto the Studio Wasabi game which consist of Ookami Game (See my post here), Eve Projects (See my post her) and Toraware No Kan (See my post here).

As usual, I started playing it due to how addictive their games are! Sadly though, all their games now comes with ticket system so you can't binge it all in one go (Unless you play on PC...?). On top of it, for the gametubers, they don't permit true end nor the characters' scar stories to be record and shared... which would means only one thing... you need to play it yourself! lol
They actually have more more characters in game! They just never have enough room to put all the characters on the cover! XD

You woke up from an amnesia and a scar on your hand in a mysterious room. Having gone out of the room, you met Nekohiko and Kyodo who are the caretaker of the Zetsubou Prison, a place where people who have another self within their body - doppelganger - are sent to. Due to the increasing number of doppelgangers, you were asked to help with getting rid of the doppelganger before they eats (killed) the person themselves. Without any memories, you have no choice but to entering into Kaishin High. Work together with the other classmates in the Occult Club to find the doppelganger within the second year Class B and regain your memories!

I gave up on the surnames due to majority of the characters are referred to by the names. Further I list them all here so it's easy reference for myself too. lol


The neon lights doesn't look out of place at all with the vibrant colours on the characters.

Tap on the screen and tap either chat or investigate. You could retrieve important evidence or gather information that gives you hint of who the doppelganger is.

Looks more like a card game! There isn't any right or wrong answers!

During the despair trial, you have questions cards that you could use to get a Yes or No answer which eventually help you filling in the paragraph with the correct character as the doppelganger and their reason for the crime. The question cards have various levels for them, by using the least amount of cards you will be graded with higher scores.

Each sub-chapter of the story requires life and SP life. Life replenishes at 5pm each day with a maximum of 10 whiles SP Life are replenished by tickets. Replaying passed stories is free, except for the trials.

* Play daily for life and rewards! Watch the ad to double the rewards!
* Tap on anything that stands out from the setting. Note, items may change description after progressing further into the story, or when characters moves around.
* Watch some ads for some hint if you're really stuck.
* There is also early clear bonus (2 days to get to normal end) to get the Tokuten Fanbook, however it's mostly for those who paid to accelerate the progress!
* Remove the head accessories Shirou and Rui to unlock the character quotes.

Pity that they introduced the ticket systems. Just makes me have to slowly and patiently play the game without stopping. lol

I like the small touch that when your mobile idle for an extended period of time, one of the character would appear and talks to you. lol I did like how each character have a specific personality when they talk to you. Although... there are better ways to use up the "Watch an ad" action. lol Such as reducing 15 minutes off from doing part time to earn money to buy gifts for the characters by simply watching a 30 seconds ad! This is new function compared to the others games, where you could go to the room to customise the look of the characters such as removing the head accessories, not to mention that unlocks the character quote! To be honest, it's not worth while since part time also required Life! lol I would probably use it if I don't have enough life to continue with the story, and then use it to earn some coins overnight.

Having started on the third chapter, I note the cover of each chapter is quite spoiler-ish. lol Since they're mostly the victims of each chapters. XD At the moment, I still don't get the point of the doppelganger... it feels more like removing the bad personality of a person. Still some weeks before I finish with this one, but my favourite is definitely Rui so far! XD

========== EDIT 09/10/2019 ==========
You'll reach the normal end regardless, but to unlock the true end you need to increase all 6 characters' bond level to 10!

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