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Onmyoji Chibi!

Brought to you by NetEase Games! It's a spin off game from their popular game Onmyoji (See my post here)! To be honest, I haven't quite caught up to date with Onmyoji anymore, but it was interesting to see that they also had Onmyoji Arena and Onmyoji Chess! I think I'll give them a go also, but only it looks like Onmyoji Arena is the only one available on iTunes...

NOTE: The game is only available on Android.
All the official bias on the cover. lol

A note was left behind. "Only the chosen one could sychronise with this spell. Starting from today, you will be newly nominated owner of this garden. Please take care of the fellow Shikigami. Seimei" You are left in charge of the garden and is to take care of all the Shikigami while Seimei is away!

I believe all default forms of the Shikigami the original games are included here. That said, I won't be typing them all up. lol

Set your team of Shikigami to a maximum of 4 characters. Pull and shoot the Shikigami towards the enemies to attack within the move limit. Different Shikigami have different skills when sent towards enemies once the count down finishes!

The attacks looks more powerful than the original game. lol

Collect items to decorate your base! Gift the Shikigami and improve their stats and ability.

Don't forget to feed the Shikigami! All the other Shikigami are enjoying themselves, while Hotarugusa is working hard protecting the garden. lol

Unlike the original Onmyoji game, the Shikigami are all presented in chibi format, making all Shikigami cuter than ever! The summoning in this case takes a lot more work, where you actually use a scissor and cut out the shape of Shikigami (Although only just the head)! Imagine having to do that in real life, and you would actually have to tie the bow. lol I like how they made Hotaruguza as the main support character (She's my favourite R card), not to mention how she actually heals other characters during battle too! The gacha rate is as sad as the original game... I have yet to draw a SSR card. lol

I have played another NetEase game of theirs, which I prefer watching people playing rather than playing it myself which is Identity V! lol That said, I have not played their mini games previously, so I was relatively surprised of the game file size! lol I guess it's what you expect when you have alot of graphics! If you're experiencing serious lagging, press wait, and turn off sounds in the settings. Probably only applies to my old phone?

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