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Brought to you by Bushiroad and Monstar Lab! To be honest, I don't really mind not quoting which arc it is. lol Since this game actually give you everything up to Clear Card season! While the main plot stays on the Clear Card arc, you do get to see cut scenes images from Clow Card arc and Sakura Card arc, and some are reenacted by the chibi characters!
Get the signature outfit from Clear Card arc by playing the game now!

Happiness memories is about an appreciation party between Sakura, Cerberus and Tomoyo which revisit the various good memories that happened at Tomoechou, simply by re-creating costumes, cooking food and creating furniture to decorate the Sakura's room!

I can't be bothered typing them all. lol I'll just go with the mains.

Sakura (CV: Tange Sakura)
Cerberus (CV: Hisakawa Aya)
Tomoyo (CV: Iwao Junko)
Syaoran (CV: Kumai Motoko)
Akiho (CV: Suzuki Minori)

This town is so small... I wish we could go to other places to get more materials!

It's a dress up (With various characters to change between), cooking and home deco game! You could get materials and go to Tomoyo's place to get an outfit tailored or cook a meal from recipe with Yukito or go to the middle school to build furniture for your room! I wish school does it in real life! lol

Unlock card stories reenacted in chibi form! I was lucky enough to have one very decent card. lol

* Log in daily!
* Collect all rewards from trophy list!
* Add friends and get likes for your room.
* Go to shop to buy pattern, recipes and design drafts with Kero Coins!
* Do the challenges to rank up!
* Let the Challenge guide you as to what to do. But generally speaking, keep creating those materials because you'll need them!
* Aim to do similar challenges in bulk!
* Don't create furniture as you wish as you need to do them via mission, unless you have plenty of materials to spare!
* Don't forget to set your character cards for skills boost prior to conducting those activities!

Somehow I felt like I was Tomoyo instead, we're all here celebrating the Sakura appreciation party! Particularly with the unlimited supplies of materials at no costs! Although the creation of the clothing/food/furniture after sourcing the materials costs. It's kind of cute that you need all the pattern/recipe/designs. I was relatively disappointed that there was no need for attending school... lol

Was very nostalgic while it lasted, the gameplay itself got abit too time consuming when I managed to do mostly the home deco and recipes. The clothing was the hardest. lol Generally speaking, I think the outfit and anime card collection does reminds me of the game, but otherwise the focus felt shifted. Unlike other leave alone game, I felt there were too many taps to achieve one thing. lol I hope they improve obtaining materials process in the future. With a few stories jumping around, I think I would prefer to marathon the stories at another time. orz

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