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Dotted Kareshi!

Brought to you by Kuroki! Wasn't gonna start on this one until I saw it was an otome game and there were some very positive reviews. lol Apparently the original game was created back in 2016 with a male protagonist and female routes (Mostly...) that is playable on computer! The title remains the same except for the fact that it's written in Hiragana originally, and now in Katagana. I must say the resolution have increased alot more compared to the previous game though! XD
Nikaido! Interesting to see the cover character will change after each route completion!

Takahashi Pon (Name Changeable) just started her second year in High school having moved to Tokyo just last week. During the day all the guys Pon met were all... coloured squares?! And everyone seems to be fine with it, as expected from Tokyo! That night, a 8 bit tanuki appeared in her dream and said it answered her prayer that if only real life as as easy as Love simulation games, so it reduces the resolutions of Ikemen! In order to increase the resolutions of these Ikemen, all Pon needs to do is to increase the love relationship with them. But there is one downfall, which is, she needs to do this within 3 months time!

Aoki Makoto
Saitou Louis
Minamoto Eiji
Ono Keiichi
Muranako Shoko

Have no fear, there are normal human too! Shouko!

Choose the colour of the route you want to go for in order to upgrade their resolutions! lol

This is probably best ingame CGs that represent the game. lol Interestingly they don't keep a copy int he extra.

* Can't go wrong with choosing the answers based on the colours!
* Complete the main four routes first before unlocking the other five routes!
* Make use of the save! I forgot about it, but realised they're necessary for the secret routes!
* Pursue Ono Sensei in other to unlock the secret route.
* Pursue Louis in other to unlock the secret route.
* Unlock the secret form for the four main characters by answering what they don't want to hear. lol
* Distribute your encounter evenly to unlock the most secret route!

Surprisingly no ads! Not to mention the number of CGs within game, and at the credit. Mind you, they also help you save them into the extras! I think they deserve a 5 star rating!!!

I started off with Nikaido and then immediately realised that he's the official favourite character and the character on the cover on completion! Long enough. lol I actually thought the whole game will be carry out in squares until the very end. lol Slightly relieved but it was interesting to see how they're placed next to the ones that have not increase in any love relationship with our heroine. lol I think each route takes around 20 minutes to complete?

*Spoiler Starts*
Order of the characters routes that I did was Nikaido > Louis > Aoki > Minamoto > Shoko > Kanzaki > Ono > Leon > Tanuki!

Only after completing the main routes do I have the guts to make them dislike the heroine for the final form! Further, the secret image for the routes as their younger self. Each paired up with another Nikaido & Aoki, Louis & Minamoto, Ono & Kanzaki. I was relatively surprise with the quality of all the secret routes! I like how Shoko gets the 8 bit style as well! Kanzaki was a nice little secret route since he was also suffering from similar curse. lol Let alone having it for over 2 years! orz Ono Sensei, Leon and Tanuki's routes were pretty sweet and I particularly like the twist in Tanuki's route! Haha
*Spoiler Ends*

It have the same vibe as Ejikoi aka Egypt Kami to Koi Shiyo (See my post here) and Eijikoi idol Hen (See my post here), they even have similar blazer and except for the fact that in this one no one dies. lol If you enjoyed this game, and the other games mentioned above, you might also enjoy Nyuru Nyuru Academy EX (See my post here) and Uma no Prince sama (See my post here).

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