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Rope Escape

Brought to you by MarkApp Co. Ltd! I was looking for puzzle games and come across this one is short and snappy one. Since there isn't much story apart from saving the character that's tied up high by removing all the obstacles so he could walk safely to the exit, I managed to marathon to the end. lol
Swipe across the rope to cut.

Up to 150 stages! The stages will roll over randomly after completion of stage 150. I wish there is a real story why he was tied up in the first place, and why they want him dead, and not to mention give us a true ending at the end of it. lol You could unlock new characters to rescue if you got sick of the character. lol

* Timing is everything.
* And no, there's absolutely no overtaking them to rush to the door. lol I was so sure that I managed to escape fine without having to kill them. lol
* General rule of thumb, clear all obstacles before cutting the rope of your characters!
* When you have made a mistake, don't hesitate to use the restart button.

It does gets repetitive but it was interesting to see everything is dangerous for the character, and seeing who is stronger than who, be it human (with various weapons/skills if you like to call them that), the beasts or even the traps!

Those Man in Black looks pretty blind. lol If they were real people, they don't need to wait until the some moving object passes in front of him. The blood spill is so crazy, it continues non stop and it's funny at the same time. lol Although having thinking about it more, the word Excellent over the blood spill wasn't funny anymore after many stages.

Regardless it's a fun little game to kill (Literally) time until you get to over stage 150!

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