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Ephemeral Mental Garden

Brought to by you by Hunex! Upon finishing the first game Ephemeral (See my post here), you could probably anticipate this second post coming! Unlike the first game, I must say this felt more like a spin off game more... I was abit disappointed that it wasn't a follow on from the previous game, however, it is set in the same universe, so there's no need for anymore introduction. The only difference is, you're a Mermaid this time round! Which means you're on the top of the monster hierarchy... or not?!
I don't think we often get the just the heroine on the otome game cover. lol

As the daughter of Mermaid Aria (name changeable) have been living happily because Mermaids are ranked the number one of all species. Upon waking up and accused of killing her own mother Isabella, she was tied up and was transported to Lock 4. There a psychiatrist called Evan, welcome her to the "dorm" that is intended for Merman. It was decided that she will be the new caretaker, and with 15 guys within the room, she had to choose whose personal caretaker she'll become. With only three that she actually briefly spoken to, she choose...


Sub character

Visual novel style! Tap to read story and choose between different options.

Looks like we have two extreme, first game was when the heroine is at the bottom of the race. And now we have the top of the race. On top of that, she doesn't know how to do anything and have a huge father's complex, despite her dad was only a Carbuncle and is already married. This might be a legit reason for her being accused of murdering her mother! (j/k) lol From the commencement I thought how would the guys want to be together with her when she's just a pretty face. lol

Also, I'm conned! There are only three routes! lol I was abit excited when I read that there were 15 candidates as seen in bachelorette! lol Interestingly, this one is released as mobile game only. I.e. It's in portrait style! Not to mention, there was no autoplay button, so you have to tap non stop, especially if you were to restart. orz

I went with Hisui since he's the one that Aria is most comfortable with. Not to mention that he's the one that's on the icon! (No, actually that's not how things goes. lol) At the same time I also started playing Rion. But generally speaking, I am sensing alot of hate first up because how our heroine is so spoil from the beginning! On a side note, I feel that this is more of a detective game as we progress with the story, we start to think if she really did kill her own mother... This one will be slow and painful...

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