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Find the differences

Brought to you by Game Fox! Was relatively surprised with the various Languages that are available for this one! There are Japanese / Korean / French / Spanish / German ... and I don't know one of them. haha It's a nice little short (but difficult) game that I have enjoyed playing and thought I would share it! XD
Is it just me or does he looks like Peter Parker from Spiderverse?! XD

Psychometrer are people who can read the history in objects and places. Ivan has unique psychic abilities, he is able to see the events associated with objects and places. With his powers as a Psychometrer, observe the differences in each locations and use the clues that are found to solve various cases related to other characters with special ESP powers!

There are more characters however, none were named except the main two characters! lol


Up to 10 episodes (and 10 stages each) / cases / characters with special ESP powers!

Can you see all the differences?

Each error will reduce the time by 30 seconds! So make sure you're certain before you tap. Gameover if you couldn't find the 5 differences within 2.5 minutes!

Upon finding the key difference / item, it will give you more stories / memories of the characters. Too bad you can't just find the main differences to complete the stage and help you progress with the story.

* Watch an ad to get hint magnifying glasses.
* Definitely watch the ad when they offer more than one hint! XD
* Watch an ad before the time expires to add extra time!
* Turn on the brightness of the screen! It helps!
* Pinching your fingers on the screen to zoom in and out. Depending on the size of your device, it helps ALOT. lol
* Hold your finger and slowly glide across the screen to move around after you zoomed in.

Is it just me, or are the differences so small to be identified?! XD Unlike the usual find the differences game, this one have abit more story. Interesting to see that some stages uses the same background (within the same location) but have slightly different areas or even view! The story could be revisited as a log which is good since I do lose track of the story when I don't play it consecutively.

I was slightly disappointed with the open ending with so many things unexplained? But I guess we will stay tune for the second game...? XD

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