[iPhone] Himegimi wa Yuuga ni Suirisuru

Himegimi Detective

Brought to you by yox-project! I feel the English title should have been Detective Princess Sayla! lol To be released on steam. To be honest I do feel that it lacks abit of mobile game function to be on mobile, hence

Abit surprised that the cover didn't have our heroine on it!

Princess Sayla Limehult is the first princess of Ratania Kingdom. She is passionate about the Japanese anime and mysterious series Detective Conan Doyle, to the extend that she started a detective agency at Akibahara SP building Japan to pursue a career as a Detective! While enjoying the Maid cafe experience with her Butler, she met two sisters who are seiyuu in Training. Not escaping any opportunities to broaden her knowledge on the Japanese culture, she went to their office where she did not expect to receive her first case...

Although they do introduce characters with full name and all, I only see three characters names that you need to know. lol


Learn the way of being a Detective through manga!

With the limited information on hands, Princess Sayla uses her skills of reasoning and deduction to arrive at the cleverly hidden truth behind the case!

Unlike other games, the evidences are pretty easy to collect as they're identified with different colour.

* Save before choosing an option. lol Saves you time if you game over but also helps you unlock all sort of endings. lol

Seeing that only chapter 1 is free and the rest up to Chapter 5 is paid, I'd rather get the PC version of the game instead. There is a CG in chapter one of young Sayla. lol So cute! She reminds me of Nagi from Idiolish7. I like the little touch how there's in the next episodes which is expected since it's highly influence by Detective Conan Doyle!

Most of the characters are females! lol I wonder if the Kaitou Amatsukami is also female... but I hope not because I need a romance route somewhere in this game, apart from the emotionless butler Phallus. lol

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