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Was very surprised to see Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi (Kurokin) by Little Cheese was available on iPhone! In fact, it was just yesterday (01/02/2012)! XD Found it by searching for more otome games... *nod* (iPhone is the way to go Yo!) AND it's free!!!

Hence I just had to blog about it and spread the love! <3
Kanade & her Bishies XD


Katagiri Kanade is socially retrieved. She haven't been back to school and haven't stepped out of her room for almost a year. She loves to sleep and dream, simply to escape from reality. The only person who disturbs her from her world is her step brother, Ikuto Sonomura who would ask her to go to school every morning.

One night, Kanade dreamt of something different. She dreamt of a weird guy named Hero Oniisan who encouraged her to get out of the house and have a haircut. The next morning Ikuto was surprised to see Kanade changed out of her Pajama ready to head out of the house. Kanade arrived to the station, and just when she felt she couldn't take it anymore, she bumped into a bypasser who ran after her to the local park. He reviewed himself as a professional hairdresser and gave her a free service/makeover by cutting her hair and putting makeup on her at the park.

Where the heck did that cloth come from lol?

On her way back to the station, Kanade got picked up by her former classmate Yukio Sudou who didn't regonise her at first sight - Kanade couldn't recognise herself at first too. Since they go to a different high school, Yukio asked how she have been and Kanade told Yukio that she's a Hikikomori and haven't been going to school. Yukio decided to help Kanade, but first, he got her a scarf as a reunion present (Geez this guy don't waste time at all! First a meal, then Karaoke, then Game centre, then her contact number and now a gift! lol). Then he sends her home.

On their way back, Kanade could see Ikuto walking towards them. But turns out Ikuto couldn't recognise it's his sister either - more importantly, she's walking with a guy!? Ikuto then went all Tsudere and said that Aneki's curfew is 5pm to shoo away Yukio. Yukio said he'll go pick her up from home tomorrow morning and head to school together, despite not going to the same school.

The next morning, Yukio came as promised but was blocked by Ikuto at the door. Yukio said not to worry since he's here to pick up Kanade anyway and start heading to her room. Kanade came down in her school uniform which Ikuto's comment was isn't the skirt abit too short? <3 After much fuss they got to the school gate and eventually Yukio takes leave (since he's not wearing their school uniform) and Ikuto takes Kanade to her classroom. On his leave, Ikuto declare if anyone makes Kanade unhappy he'll deal with them afterwards.

After class, Kanade's homeroom teacher Konno Chihiro with 7:3 split hair (lol hard with this description in the game) calls her to the staffroom. Since Kanade's been absent from school for long (Only a few more days until she's "out"), she have to make sure her attendance and marks are up to the standard otherwise she would have to drop a year. But luckily Chihiro said he would help her with studies.

The prologue ends here after her first day of school when she dreamt of Hero Oniisan again. lol

Katagiri Kanade reminds of from Sunako Nakahara Yamato Nadeshiko Nanahenge! Except Sunako's story was more believable - after having her face covered so long all that pimples and eye bags etc should exist!

Ikuto Sonomura @ Tsudere no Step brother
Tomoomi Hasui @ Mysterious Magician Hairdresser / Beautician
Yukio Sudou @ Former Classmate who Kanade once had a crush on
Konno Chihiro @ Cool Homeroom Teacher

* Shiraha Makamome's art style reminds me of Yura who did the character design for Real Rode and Love Revolution (That shiny hair lol). But have to say that the characters seems to be more in proportion in this game, which is a big plus! :D

* The file size 13.4mb is a lie! Lol when you click to config it makes you download MOAR... *waits until it finishes* but it's worthwhile waiting! <3

* It's by far the best otome iPhone game music I've heard to date! <3 Or probably I'm just a sucker for music box type of music. lol But hey, the rest of the BGM and sound effects are great too. Though it makes me wonder for someone who haven't been walking around much manage to run sooooo looonnnnggg is a mystery to me. lol

* It's also fully voiced!!! Yes, you read it correctly, not only the guys but also the heroine! But of course, if you don't like the heroine's voice, you could always turn it off in the config.

* Gotta love that PV that came in half way! With all the pretty CGs dammit, I was screen capturing like crazy when it came up but fail to capture all the pretty pictures.

* Ikuto's looks so hot in his school uniform. <3 I think he's my favourite out of the bunch.

* lol at Tomoomi's name changed throughout the chase. First a bypasser, then a fast runner Oniisan, then an inviting Oniisan to Stalker Oniisan. XD

* Unfortunately, I don't think I'm familiar with the list of seiyuus of this game. orz But I kinda like the sound of all of them. :P (Probably just excited there's vocal in this game XD)

* It was said that this game is Little Cheese's first otome game and is actually 18+ with a dark story attached to it... but this demo shows nothing like that at all! ^^;

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Re: Sei

Thanks for dropping by Sei! :D I haven't bought the mobile version of the game since the PC version is readily available. Full version on mobile normally means you could unlock the complete character route (Good/bad end etc), free version basically just gives you a teaser/prologue of the full game so that you would want to pay to finish the story.

By the way, the anime for Kurokin is due to release in Japan end of this month (28/02/2012)! :D http://www.primetime.gs/andercen/product/kurotokin/top.html Although the drawings are not as great as the original, it should be worthwhile watching - they kept the original seiyuu cast! Personally I like Ikuto the most out of all the characters! >w< Though I'm unsure which route they're going to do for the anime... I do hope they do Ikuto route as main. XD

Re: 紃介

我也有買少女戀革命 XD 但很久都未出第4卷 orz
中文版的乙女系漫畫出得超慢的! D:
唔唔 好的遊戲公司要記下來
久不久再看會有意想不到的驚喜 XD
只不過一般都只限於日本的 >n<

我呢... 虐ok... 虐的死去活來的就免啦 v-358

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Re: 紃介

當然可以用中文來留言啦~ (只要我看得懂就好了 XD)
我覺得畫風比較接近乙女(有出BL)遊戲的Yuya (名作有: 少女戀革命 Love Revolution)
那打過臘的頭髮 :P
聽說這是Little Cheese的處女作!
水準不錯~ 直得一推
但是這部是十八禁的作品 (主要是某某的Bad End比較變態吧)
不過手機版未能看到可怕的事情呢 XD

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