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Brought to you by MazM! This marks their third game from the novel series and this time it's based on the original story of The Phantom of the Opera! I've only ever played their second game Jekyll and Hyde (See my post here) and not the first game since they never released it in English (It's in Korean by the way).
If I don't know the title I would have thought the last word is Open. lol

A detective was invited by Ellen Buquet to solve the mysterious case of death of Joseph Buquet and The Phantom of the Opera. Speaking to the Baroness and the people at the Opera and learn about the past about Christine who was asked to take on the lead role in replacement of Marguerite for the opera "Faust"...

Meg Giry
Ms Giry
Mr Debienne
Mr Poligny

Part of me thinks the detective is related to the Phantom. lol

Tap on the chapter and commence playing, to find clues and solve puzzles!

* Pick up all the footnotes (With a total of 102 footnotes to collect) as you wander around the opera house by taping on them! The more you pick them up, the more you learn about the locations, characters and relationships!
* Clear achievements to earn special gifts!
* Watch all those ads daily (Up to three times of 240 silver coins reset at every midnight)! So that you could play for free!
* Like their facebook page and follow them on twitter for additional 50 silver coins each.
* Look out for random cats, even though the rates isn't as good as the daily ones, they're additional chances for ingame currency to play the story!

I must say their titles always gives the suspense and goosebumps with its story, music and graphics! Mind you, regardless or blurriness or not, it's still have the suspense that get you to finish playing it! The only comment I have was that the character still doesn't change when Christine was talking about the past when she was still on the minor role. lol

Bare in mind that the Phantom of the Opera is still the main character, as such I don't think the romance between Christine and Rafoul is the main focus even if Christine plays the main role in the Opera. lol

To be honest, I would rather they keep the same detective for all their stories, which makes me feel they're more part of the series instead.

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Re: Helen

Yes! v-238 Their titles are very nice, can't wait to play more of their other titles!

No title

Oh, I love this game.


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