[Android] Hide and Seek

Story of Dorothy

Brought to you by Tabomsoft Corp! Actually one of the older game but I only come across it recently whilst trying to look for more puzzle games. I guess it's a big mistake to have started it, since I wasn't able to finish it. lol Not my type of games, but I do enjoy learning about the story...

Dorothy fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and Seek. Upon waking up from the closet, she couldn't remember why she was there in the first place so she started exploring around the house...

Move around the house and tap on suspicious areas.

This gives me the Ib (See my post here) vibe, except this is now on mobile devices and a much smaller screen. I can't, horror games are definitely not my genre. lol Although I was curious enough to check it out.

If you enjoy this title, they have a second title called Hide And Seek 2 Story of Demian, which is not related to this story at all. And if that's not enough, there is all sort of horror game title such as Deep Sea Girl (Story of Ari), The Exorcist (Story of School) and Asylum (Horror Game), all paid however. Otherwise You could play their Summer Valley, which is alot more uplifting, not to mention it's free too. lol

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