[Android] Beat The Robber

Home Alone!

Brought to you by HENN Inc! First thought was the movie Home Alone! lol Especially how the Protag (we the players) will outsmart the Robber! To be honest, the Robber looks pretty persistent and I was relatively surprised how he is always aiming to get into their home and they will probably do better at robbing when Protag isn't at home! XD
Somehow I feel so powerless looking at our Protag not being armed...!

Tap anywhere to find and use items to get rid of the Robber! There are 20 stages plus two extra stages!

Not everyone will have a piece of loose brick at home. lol Or maybe we should...?!

Interestingly, some items may not need to be used and some items may be trigger when put at various locations.

* Make sure you get the star (Get caught by the robber whilst getting close to beating the Robber, but you fail and miss a step) for each stage, as it is required to unlock Extra stages 1 (& 2).
* Watch an ad to view hints! Up to 3 hints per stage!

Very similar vibe to Mama ni Game Kakusareta (See my post here and here), since it's set in a blue house, Protag that wears yellow top and have an addiction to console games, you also see a glimps of the mother being angry that you break her vase or his brother getting angry with you breaking his belongings! To be honest, I would be worrying about the Protag more rather than what he breaks if he could stop the robber! One thing that concerns me is that why the robber seems to have some grudge against the Protag. Most time I see that the Robber wasn't interested in actually stealing (I think there was only one stage that he was interested lol) but rather kidnapping the Protag...? lol The whole relationship with the Protag and the Robber reminds me of the movie Home Alone! lol I guess we could look forward to a sequel...?

I find finding the star ending more difficult since there are no hints at all! But I managed anyway after repeat over and over again. Upon completion you'll get a message to congratulate and ask you to try their other escape game, which I will go try out now. lol

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