[Android] Tsuki to Vampire

Ikemen Kyuketsu to Isshoni miru Tsuki no Michitake

Brought to you by Hot Spring PJ (and FCM Design)! Couldn't find too much information on the company (Apart from hot springs that looks relaxing lol), but this one falls under the weather app! This one have that slight live 2d effect and voiced lines! Unfortunately I couldn't find who the seiyuu is, but I'm sure someone out there with keen ears will be able to identify them (and hopefully leave me a comment lol)!
To be honest, you couldn't tell he's a vampire if his mouth is closed.

Basically the app involves a calendar which shows the moon movements with the date and time clock.

Summary of the moon movements for November.

Make sure you do daily gacha for voices! There are limited number of voices available (Up to 30 voiced sentences). The voices are rated by stars. Generally the more romantic (Or should I say the more caring?) the voiced line is, the higher the star rating. I think the highest is 3 stars?

It would be nice to have the skinship where you tap on the character for voices, but this one doesn't have it so it feels less interactive. orz But I guess the up side is that you'll learn so much about the moon movements, the name and the time that the moon's appearance would be likely.

Although I don't think it'll be accurate for people who live outside of Japan, but I guess it's a good little app if you have particular interest in moon! On a side note, the music is pretty calming too. lol


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