[Android] A Cat House

She and her Cat

Reminds me of the Stray Cat Door (See my post here) with similar wordless story, except this one is not a puzzle, but a simple (?) find the differences game with a relatively touching story. Especially for those cat lovers out there!
I feel that this loading screen summarises the story quite well.

Tap on the screen where there is a difference within the 2 minutes time limit.

I have this Alice in Wonderland feel when I first started playing it.

You could also decorate the home with the coins earned! Interestingly, you would have enough coins to get everything you want by the end of the game!

We start off with an empty house...

* Use the hint when you're really stuck!
* Watch ads for 2 extra hints!
* I find it easier to find the difference and tap where there is something additional rather than missing. Because the "finding" process can get quite sensitive to the touch!
* Look out for missing lines and patterns... they were the only one that got me. lol

The whole game have up to 15 chapters, each with various stages! Not to mention, each chapter have a theme too. Some scenes would change slightly with the

If I was to compare the difficulties for this one with Psychometrer (See my post here), this one is definitely easier... probably because of how the drawings are drawn. Although saying that, the zoom in this one was horrible. lol

Spoiler Alert
You probably think this one is less lonely as this cat isn't stray at all, but in fact by the end of the game you could have seen the whole story of the cat from start till the end...! I am abit disappointed with the lack of words at the end most time, but I guess that's the style of the game.
Spoiler Ends

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