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Mr Love: Queen's Choice

Brought to you by Paper Games! Known for their popular title Miracle Nikki, a fashion game where players have to unlock fancy clothes, shoes, and hairstyles for the heroine. This game have similar gameplay, except this time they include romance and scenarios / ikemen as collectibles instead! I have been wanting to play this game for a while, but couldn't and had to wait for the Japanese version to be released. No to mention there will be anime as well!

Not quite sure how they come up with the English title (I don't see the need to choose any particular character), but I'm including it. lol I like how Love is the other way around Evol! XD
If I was to only judge the story based on the cover, I would have gotten something very different. lol

Heroine was involved in a near miss car incident, thanks to a boy who rescue her at the age of 5. 17 years have passed since where she is now a TV producer who must save her late father’s small production company from bankruptcy by reviving a hit show "Kiseki Hakken" from 2 years ago with BS Entertainment...

Kira (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Haku (CV: Ono Yuusuke)
Zen (CV: Tsugita Tomokazu)
Simon (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)

It's abit hard to screen capture the gameplay, since it mostly involves some questions or choosing the right employees with the specific skills and then choosing the right cards with the required attributes.

Collect character cards to make hit TV shows and aim to get a 3 stars rating. Cards ranges from SSR, SR, R, and N. N cards are normal employees, including the heroine. Although our heroine does make an appearance on the SSR or SR cards of the main routes. lol

This is the rewards that you would get messages / SNS responses / phone call after getting new cards.

Other mini games that follow the same logic and uses a different type of unit includes:
* Photoshoot records (Replenishes 1 every hour to a maximum of 10)
* Company Ranking (5 times a day)
* City News (Dependent on your cards investigation skills)
* Street stroll (Maximum of 50 per character)

The said street stroll. You could run it automatically, or use item to complete the stroll in a few clicks.

* Do not press autoplay, it even auto play your option!!! lol
* Level up all SR+ cards!
* Go for auto street stroll!
* Collect your Evol and daily rewards.
* Roll free gacha daily.
* Aim to get to 3 star rating for each stage, so that you could max play it up to 3-5 times.
* Don't forget to level up your company and talents as it forms part of the star ratings for your show!
* Watch out for different requirements for the stage.

This is my currently addicted game and I really like the theme music... lol The rates weren't that great but I finally got one SSR card! lol I had in mind Haku as my first choice despite that I was tossing between Kira and Haku. lol The others I wasn't overly interested in their evol as much. lol But that said, it really depends which character bias your account is, which eventually lead me back to Kira since he was my first SSR card (and the subsequent SR cards).

I do like how you could go for multiple routes at any one time. lol And that also seems to apply to the main story...? Although I feel that Zen is the main route. Seeing each character's interactions with the heroine, I find myself laughing at various things that Haku did. lol The bracelet that acts like the GPS (Sure lol) and how he took a picture of the photograph when heroine was younger (And not telling her the reason lol).

I'm curious to see if there is a true ending to this at the end of Chapter 14... otherwise, one could wait until the anime version when it's released!

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