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Escape from the Past!

Brought to you by Puzzle Space! Somewhat reminds me of Titanic or MazM: Phantom of the Opera (See my post here)... probably because you're involve with a past case and not to mention, the game is available in Korean. lol Up to 5 chapters!

The game is available on Steam as well, however the Android version is free with a few watch a few ads!
As you could tell from the size of the characters that which one is the main character. lol

Lesnar and Wozniak find a piece of hidden document in an old church basement about Dan, a businessman who is known to be a collaborator of the Occupying Nation during the war time and was sentenced to death...

Player play as Dan for the puzzle part, although you see the other characters uncovering the main story in the current day and time.

The beginning is like the training and introductory part of the gameplay, and probably the only time you play as Lesnar and Wozniak!

The usual watch ads to get hint! I particularly like how this one actually split the hints into individual subject... which if you think about it, they're already hints without watching the ads! lol You could of course view the ad to see the real hint when you're stuck, or alternatively just view someone else's walk through. But otherwise it can get abit challenging... such as the missing letter on the wrecked train. I was so stumped with the letters where even when I viewed the clue, it didn't help me at all. orz

I do like the slight 3D visuals around the room to find clues, although limited to some locations. Regardless, the overall story gets you interested to finish the game. The ending was well wrapped up and makes alot more sense with all the clues that was provided.

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