[Android] It's impossible to be late!

For those who always sleep in!

Brought to you by ABC Escape Games! The drawings reminds me of Dokkiri Kamikaihi (See my post here, here, and here), but the gameplay was more simple like Mama ni Game kakusareta! (See my post here and here). Interestingly enough, they did have another title called Late to go to School which have similar logic to this game! I guess this one should really be called Late to go to Class...?
I feel the title is really read as It's scary if you're late...

The Protagonist woke up just before 9 am but by the time he rushed to the school it's already too late. Help the protagonist to join the class without the teacher noticing that he came in late!

Tap on anything suspicious to collect items or cause items to move, or drag on the item on the collected list to and drop on a space / character to use.

Is it just me or the Protag looks like he's wearing the top backwards?

* Tap everywhere before you press Go!
* Some items could be use elsewhere.
* Watch an ad to get the hint, if not the answer.

I was secretly hoping to see more side characters interactions... there are quite a few teachers (surprisingly) or like the boy classmate who seems to be head over toes over the girl with bob short hair, or how our Protag is part of the ballet classes and I notice how his classmates (apart from the the boy) is also in that class, or how the twin tail girl seems to know that our Protag is late on one of the day. Although saying that, it did have a good ending but I do feel there will be a sequel... I mean, it was only 30 days! lol

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