[iPhone] Moe Gacha Danshi

Moe Gacha Danshi by Cyber Agent

So this have been released and available on iPhone app already! XD

Short post will be short! :P
moe gacha

Shinyama Kyouichirou @ Morikawa Toshiyuki as DoS Maths Teacher
Ichinose Gaku @ Hirakawa Daisuke as Healing type Japanese Teacher
Tsuki Touma @ Nishida Masakazu as Tsudere Childhood friend
Saionji Ren @ Fukuyama Jun as Yoen President of Student Council (Due for release in Feb12)
Sakurazara Ruka @ Yonaga Tsubasa as devilish Bishounen (Due for release in Mar12)

Gachapon (aka Gacha) is a toy machine where you insert coins (Normally in dollars) to obtain capsule toys.

You will be prompt with the prologue at the start of the application (This happens only at initial play so make sure it counts lol). There isn't really much to the prologue so I'll leave that up for you to explore. XD

The file size of 14.7Mb is a lie (They're always a lie if you have frequent updates - which is a good thing I suppose :P)! You download more and more voices as you obtain more items via the Gacha.

Apart from the ad down the bottom of the screen, there's frequent message alert of upgrade to premium by paying the price. Maximum 5 coins per character in free play, after that you need to purchase...! Despite having coins for daily login, you can't really use it... / ____ \

Features of the game:
* Obtain tools for touching (Reason for "Must be over 17 to play" lol) with over 300 voices (From premium) and different facial expressions (There's chance of getting them via free mode though <3)
* Voice from Drama with given scenario per character
* Illustration Collection by Urumiya Ruka who did the illustrations for Pirates in Love by Voltage!

Official site

=== EDIT 28/03/2012 ===
You'll recover 1 coin every 10 minutes so free users are able to complete their collections! <3 *Trying my best to collect everything now* Further they've decided to add a new character which will be voiced by Ono Daisuke!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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