[Android] Let's Mischief to Couple 1-5

For the love of God

Brought to you by ABC Escape Games! Funny enough I started playing from 5th game instead of the 1st one. Only when I had to view the hint in the It's impossible to be late! (See my post here) that do I find out that there were 4 other titles. I believe the game was based on the idea from Riajuu Bakuhatsu Shiro! aka Mischief to Couple! (See my post here) - Note the additional "Let's" as the difference. lol Regardless, I did enjoy this short and snappy game and hence I'll post them all in one go.
Looking at the covers, I think we could expect a 6th installment. lol

The ex-boyfriend broke up with me and hurt my heart. How can I get him back? I must tear them apart by is creating traps and misunderstandings between them and make them break up.

As much as the prologue on the app tells us, I don't believe any of it actually happened? lol

Tap on anything suspicious to collect items or cause items to move, or drag on the item on the collected list to and drop on a space / character to use.

* Tap everywhere before you press Go!
* Some items could be use elsewhere.
* Watch an ad to get the hint, if not the answer.
* Some items depends on your timing! I think this is where it gets me mostly. lol

I guess alot of single people enjoyed the misfortune of all the other couples that the game had some many sequels. lol Although saying that, one should always just press Go! without doing anything to see the couple having a great time together until you ruin it. lol But whatever you intend to do, I'm sure you will enjoy the game as much as I did. I guess my only comment was that the characters are not consistent throughout different stages which makes it less to be as attached to them compared to the Riajuu Bakuhatsu Shiro! title...

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