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Sono Uso danrasetemo Rauwayo

Brought to you by MASK LLC! Recently went back to playing the Uwaki games... I think the last one I played was Juicy Uwaki nanka Zettai shimasen! (See my post here). So I played this one and Watashi wa Second Datta at the same time (Oh, and there's Motto Yamikano but I didn't download it yet), but I must say that this one was alot better in terms of gameplay hence I've decided to write a post on it! XD
I'm not sure but our heroine looks pretty creepy or more like the usotsuki. lol

I swear they are really into Persona 5 since Masquerade, that or I'm just very into Persona that it reminded me of it. lol

Cross examine your boyfriend's statements and find the error that doesn't match with the evidences you found! Select the item from the list and flick it to the correct statement to break his mask!

* View hint by watching a short ad if you're stuck, it'll give you the sentence that have error in it!
* Not all items are useful.

Totally reminds me of Take that from Ace Attorney with the cross examination... XD Slightly disappointed with the various different boyfriends, not to mention there was a tutorial boyfriend as guinea pig when you have the geass eyes to uncover their lies! lol

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