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Brought to you by DayDreamer. Would have called it Yami Kano (with expectation of a for girls version lol) but looks like Yami Collect is the official short form of the title! With up to 10 characters to pursue with 10 different endings per character, making it a total of 100 endings!
The typical art work you would expect to get. lol Because the decent ones requires alot of hard work. lol

You followed the instructions of the assistance to start using the dating app. Because there is a free 10 matches so you went ahead and "liked" 10 girls on the app, now that all you have to do is to start chatting!


Send reply messages from the 3 message options (ranges between Perfect 5% / Good 3% / Bad 0%) provided to the girls to increase the love meter and aim for Happy End!

If you don't response to the girls as soon as possible (Unsure of the time limit, but let's just it's an hour) or if you have said something that is sensitive to her, she'll turn into the Yami (dark) mode. The Yami mode will trigger Stamp Mission, if you fail the mission, you will reach Bad End!

Everything requires Love Points!

Once you completed the 100 endings, you will see the true Happy End! Well, no one said it's easy to get to Happy End. lol

* Login daily and collect your reward!
* Watch the ad to shorten the part time time!
* Rank up for rewards!
* Tweet for replay chance.

To be honest, I didn't think the dark (true) personality was that bad. lol I guess the scary thing were the stamp missions where the girls are turning into the Yami mode. lol I mean, the background of the messenger also changes in colours! XD Not to mention, the messages will continue to evolve as you haven't responded to them as the time count down! But I guess you will be relieve once you have send a stamp, or simply chosen the correct answer and they turn back to normal. lol

There are only 20 messages in total per character, so apart from the going to part time and then converting them to love point, the actual conversations (story) feels abit short.

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