[Android] Find garbage in the House

Know your rubbish recycling!

Brought to you by ABC escape games! Having played the other titles such as It's impossible to be late! (See my post here) and Let's Mischief to Couple (See my post here), I must admit I wasn't expecting too much to a story, nor expecting it to be educational... but this one was an exception!
Know whose your boss!

Upon arriving to Shanghai station, you made a mistake with rubbish disposal and incurred a fine. Since then you've decided to study hard on rubbish recycling. Now it's time to put your knowledge into the rubbish disposal, be it recycling or simply to the waste!

Tap to find the rubbish, remove obstacles, and correctly dispose or recycle them! Up to 25 stages Including a happy ending!

Interestingly there posters are not about recycling but have been appearing over various stages. lol

I must say the hard part is not finding the rubbish or removing the obstacles! There are four bins in total, probably more relevant in China, since it certainly doesn't apply to Australia. lol The black bin, brown bin, blue bin and red bin which differentiate the type of rubbish be it dry, wet, recyclable and hazardous. Mind you, I managed to finish the game without knowing the true meaning to them! XD

I do like how the ending was a happy ending, and actually does have a good moral. lol Not to mention they actually went out of the house too! lol Sometimes it's not always about the money and maybe just about doing the right thing. I like the nice little touch that by the end of the game, you could review the rubbished collected and which bin they go into! Almost everything that is removable is a rubbish. lol

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