[Android] Shy Boy

Hazukashii Boy!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Sequel to the Ike Boy (See my post here), this time they bring in another type of Boy and up to 30 episodes! Some familiar scenes could be seen (Well they are both just boys and this is a school), so I guess they're within the same universe/era/school!
So shy that he's not even on the cover!

You're a new transfer student to the school, and you encounter various embarrassing situations. With your personality to be easily embarrassed, try to avoid the incidents and get on a normal school life smoothly...

Tap to pick up item or use item.

To be honest, they're relatively tall when compared to the teacher in height...

Characters are colour coded! Including their parents! I did find Shy boy's mother cute too! XD Glad to see where he got that personality was inherited from! Not to mention, apart from his shyness, he's actually pretty talented (And if you don't screw up lol)! You also get to see guest appearance of Ike Boy, which is one reason why I say this is a sequel! There are more characters in this one compared to Ike Boy, so I guess Shy Boy is actually more popular than Ike Boy? xD

Unlike all their other titles, this one actually seems to be the one and only game - the sequel would probably be another type of boy! Regardless, I enjoyed this one alot with the happy ending they provide. My only complaint is probably whatever happened to the yellow girl... which I expect to see small love triangle! XP

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