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Phantom of the Opera in Otome Style!

lol Just by chance I went to see the Musical "Love Never Dies", which is sequel of Phantom of the Opera the last Friday night. It was my first time seeing a musical and I’m lovin’ it! <3 I didn’t read the book nor did I revised the first musical Phantom of the Opera before I head to this one. So it was totally unexpected. To be honest, I don’t really know much about music and literatures, so I was more distracted by the side characters in their fancy costumes doing many other things. XD *Anyway, back on track*

While I was looking for everything relating to Phantom of the Opera *Is quite addicted at the moment*, I came across this game by Mirai Soft...! (Ah it's actually 18+ ^^; so don't read on if you're not over 18! >D )

Once upon Another time...

The Phantom looks is too bishie here! >////////////< <3333 That aside, is anyone getting the feeling that Christine looks like Tsukihime in this picture!? That dress and all...

Main Characters:

They have the exact same character names too! XD Will they breach copy right like this!? Probably one reason why Phantom's mask is on the other side of the face! And all the characters turned bishies! (lol Nah, it's because it's an otome game...)

Christine (Name changeable)
It should be noted that their Christine appears as her favorite character Little Lotte unlike the musical and film, which is a girl with golden hair and blue eyes who is visited by the Angel of Music and possesses a heavenly voice. Christine appears as Blonde as mentioned in the original novel. (Many thanks to Renoir for correction!)

Phantom / Opera Ghost

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Raoul - Christine's childhood friend and love interest

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Phillipe — Raoul's elder brother. (Love rivalry between brothers should be interesting...! :P )

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Richard - Manager of the opera house

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Remy - Manager's secretary

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Sub Characters

There is also Christine's friend Meg (Giry's daughter) and the Joousama Carlotta. XD Apart from that I believe these two guys are made up characters? XD I wonder if they're playable routes (though the story outline mentioned only 5 characters D: ) since they have their support banner...? Would be great if someone could enlighten me with these 2 characters... since I don't like reading text only books!

=== EDIT 11/04/2012 ===
Many thanks to Lala, Renoir and Wolflinge for the details from the original novel about the two Sub characters! I feel like I know Daroga more than the main characters now! lol

Daroga - A mysterious Persian man.

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

Lucas - Butler in training at Opera House

PersonA ~オペラ座の怪人~

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Re: Almasa

You might want to email Persona Phantom directly or go to the URL in her comment below as she won't check the comment update on my blog posts. lol

Translation XD

umm, are you done translate it yet? i really want to play this game since i'm a big fans from phantom of the opera.

Translation In Progress

Just wanted to let you know that I'm about 1/4 done with making an English patch for this game :3

Re: Pranisha

I don't have the game. ^^; The game is not officially release until 2 days later (27/04/2012) since it was delayed. But I'm sure they'll be available online on amazon or cdjapan.

No title

Can you please,please,PLEASE TELL ME HOW DID YOU GET THIS GAME!!!!!!! ^_(^) :)

Re: Daisy-chan

I see alot of Phantom of the Opera fans is interested in this game! XD

Given that you know the story already, I don’t think it’s too hard to understand the story while playing it. Plus since it’s a 18+ Otome game, probably not alot of words to translate...? XD

No doubt, Phantom would be the main course hence they’re not showing us the CGs so we all buy the game! XD (Now that you mentioned it, those CG makes Raoul looks very pervy lol) I only think the more routes, the better! <3

No title

Since I was a little girl and watched the play, I've always loved the Phantom of the Opera.
I was so happy to see that it is having an otome game (and +18!). At least I can use a translator while playing it given that it is for PC

All the CGs with sexy scenes are with Raoul (guessing we'll have to see the phantom ones when we play it)

I would have preferred Daroga instead of Richard D:

Re: Wolflinge

Many thanks for answering the questions!

I see that I should update this post with the new information! XD

No title

Woops, didn't see that people already had answered your questions :P
Oh well, just a confirmation then ;-)

No title

Love Never Dies was really amazing *adores*
(Though I still want to hug the Phantom, take him home and tell him everything will be alright.)
Perhaps with this game, that will work out. The game will be released 27th of April, so we need a bit of patience. (Maybe to learn a bit more Japanese :P)

Daroga's actually an character of the book. (It's not his actual name, btw. He's being called 'The Persian' by everyone but the Phantom, who calls him 'daroga' which means 'police officer' or something like that.) But they left him out in the movie and musicals, and gave his role to Madame Giry. (Like, knowing the Phantom, delivering his notes, knowing his way under the Opera House, etcetera) If I remember correctly, he knows Erik from before his time in the Opera House.

Lucas isn't a character from the books. As far as I can remember, at least.

Buuuuuut! I was just passing by, to welcome you to the wonderful world of the Phantom of the Opera. Enjoy!

Re: To answer your question...

All of a sudden I'm getting people who read the novel filling me in with the gap! Thank you both Lala and Renoir!! <333

@Renoir - Thank you for enlightening me on the characters! <3 I feel such a noob on the story. >v<' lol I see that you're a fellow Otome fan (plus a Phantom of the Opera fan - I checked out your LJ and DA!)! *High five*

@Lala - Thank you again! I feel like I know Daroga so well now! XD Judging from all these information, Daroga could have been one of the playable route if they wanted to. lol XP (Friends rivalry!?) Oh I re-read the profile for this character and noted he often plays chess with Richard? XD

LOL I just watched the trailer and the release date is now April 27th!? XD

No title

Glad to help! ^^

Well he was a police and an old acquitance of The Phantom (he helped him to flee from Persia and saved his life).
And well, his real name isn't daroga, in fact, The Phantom is the only one that calls him that (daroga means "police" in persian), the other characters call him The Persian and his real name is never revealed.

And in the novel he's the one who leads Raoul to the Phantom's lair in order to recue Christine. Plus, he's the narrator in the lasts chapters and offers a little backstory to the character of The Phantom :3

I hope I helped and don't hesitate to ask ^^

To answer your question...

Hee. I just found this game too, but I can't read Japanese. If I could, I would've bought it XD

Just to point out, Christine in the original novel WAS blonde. It's brunette on the stage and movie because Andrew Lloyd Webber's first Christine happens to be brunette and he decided to just keep her hair as-is.

You're asking about the Persian man and Lucas, yes?
The Daroga is NOT made-up :D Who knows what they changed in the game, but in the books the Daroga is the Phantom's old "friend" from Persia. Well, more like "someone who tries to keep him out of trouble". The Daroga knows some of the Phantom's secret passageways and in the original novel was the one who led Raoul to the lair.

Lucas is... an original character I believe. No mention of the guy as far as I can remember.

Re: Lala

Thank you for letting me know! Glad to know someone do read the novel!!! :D

What does Daroga do in the novel? XD

No title

I also want to play this so bad...!

And yeah lol, the Phantom looks so hot... >////<

Oh, and Daroga is actually a character from the novel :3 but about the other boy, Lucas, I don't remember him from when I read the book x_D

No title

I'm also interested in playing this game as well! The art...and the characters :3


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