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An Atelier-like RPG game on iPhone!?

It's been a while since I found something to be addicted to on iPhone since Tiny Tower. :P

This time it's a Japanese iPhone game!!! An account is required to play this game! =3= (Free though!)

Come play with me~

A RPG based on the theme Sound Synthesis by NHN Japan Corp/Han Game, where player plays as the teacher where you meet up with your student Fiona (Name changeable) who is the heroine of this game to learn about the city of the Wind - Viaratea. From collecting raw materials to create items, making melodies with sounds from different instruments or even items to complete challenging quests and collecting recipes.

This free game is full of beautifully illustrated characters (I couldn't find the artist name ; A ;) and locations, despite confined to the size of the iPhone. And what’s more you get customise your heroine facial features (hairstyle, colour eyes and hair, also with Limited edition clothing available from events and purchase), and get cooperation from many other online users (Maximum 10 at a time) on your material collection adventure using simple tapping and a AP bar (Users helps reduce AP required and you could recover 1 AP per 1 minute resting).

The 24mb download is a lie! Once you starts connecting to the server, you gets 2 extra updates (Suppose they have updated since June last year). *waits patiently until it finish updating*. I think I have a tendency to download games under 25mbs – unless it looks promising or is very appealing.

The Heroine is voiced by Emiri Katou (though limited sentences), who is known as the voice for Kyubei from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It was kinda funny to see some user’s comment was “Do you want to make a contract with me”. XD

Feel free to ask me about recipes you might not have gotten yet! XD Let's maximise the material efficiency!

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