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It’s been a while since I last blog. Been busy and really stressed for the past few weeks (Almost a month). Been to the GP today and they finally decided to have my blood tested to see what's really wrong with me. >-<

Finally brought up the courage to upload these photos – though only on this blog. :P Also it’s also partly posted in response to Ayuvi’s last message and as promised over some months ago that I’ll show 紃介. ^^; Apologies for the delay!

This entry is backdated back 29th December 2011! orz

* Yukimura Chizuru (Geisha Version) @ Dewmelen
* Yukimura Chizuru / Saito Hajime @ Kurako
* Kazama Chikage @ Nabari, makeup @ Hehalana
* Photographer @ Hehalana / Bambi

Photo spam below the cut.

*Possible spoilers Alert!*

You have been warned...
So... it was pretty much everyone’s first time going to Chinese Garden! lol (Except for Bambi) The reason why we finally decided to go was Dewmelen came for a week stay at our place from Melbourne (Kurako was over too though)! :D Moreover, it was for the long waited Hakuouki (Pairing) photoshoot!

Our grumpy Hijikata Toshizou (Haruki) couldn’t make it as she wasn’t feeling well. One less rival BANZAI! (j/k) But Kurako changed her mind being just Yukimura Chizuru decided to bring Saito Hajime along... dammit. I was glad that I missed having a cold this time prior to cosplaying Kazama this time! (No more “Kaze”ma XD ) Though I did have massive lack of sleep for the whole week. orz My Chizurus don’t let me sleep The night before I experienced for the first time ever the cover your eyebrows with glue makeup, taught by Dewmelen and practiced by Hehalana (lol I'm just the guinea pig). The process took 1-2 hours I'm not kidding and it kinda rip my brows when I tried to remove it. TvT Having little sleep after the practice make, I realised I was missing parts of the Kazama's costumes (Tabi, blue obi part and my dodgy Oni horns!) and haven't touched the wig yet (Somewhat I felt it was worst than convention time orz).

「さあ、共に来てもらおう我が妻よ この俺の子を何百人でも産みたい (笑)」
*Insert typical Otome game pose* This was the best smirk I did all day orz

Photo by Bambi

To be honest, it was the first time I had so much makeup on that I felt that it wasn't suitable for Kazama. *Remembering the Manry Kazama Make which I was too lazy to practice* Despite having the Manry Make by the ever talented Hehalana (First Manry make too), my personality and height (GAHHHH I hate flats orz) did not help me winning Chizuru over Saito and photographer Hehalana who was demostrating how to be seme. The whole time I was trying to get expressions right and being jealous over Saito x Chizuru. orz *Need to learn Seme poses*

There's actually alot more Saito x Chizuru doing various things but I won't be uploading them. :/
Photo by Hehalana

MEH I could do it too.

my attempt
「......襲ってほしいのか......?」 *Tried hard not to LOL* My attempt at Seme-ing
Photo by Bambi

reverse seme
reversed seme... orz
Photo by Hehalana

Been wanting to make Chizuru wash Shinsengumi uniform for the longest time. Somewhat achieved. :P
Photo by Hehalana

Photo by Bambi

Decided to leave the other pictures out. =.= It seems like I can't do much pairing as the lead. orz

Blood Stained Oni
This is actually based on a fan picture, but I've been wanting to do this pose! So I was thrilled to see Bamboos! <3
Photo by Bambi, Blood stains added by Nabari

I wouldn't mind doing another shoot for Kazama, but hopefully by then I'd be doing the Oni version (When I find all my missing pieces and get my confident back as Seme Oresama Kazama) and Hehalana could still do my Manry makeup. XD Though I would imagine the Western version style would make it even more difficult since everyone wears massive boots. orz (I have been swapping shoes the whole time since Chizuru wears Geta!) I should probably revert to doing girl characters... orz

That aside, there's also 3 things I wanna blog about in relation to Hakuouki!

1) It have been announced that they'll make a Sekkaroku OVA Special episode 6 featuring KAZAMAAAAAA TvT LIKE FINALLY! A reason to watch the OVA now! Though I had to wait until June... BUT STILL! <33333

2) The Mafia Boss pose which I cannot unsee Kazama figure have been coloured! It's not as smexy as Yone Sensei's drawing but I want. >o<

3) Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎) is coming to Sydney! (Smash!) Was very surprised they didn't include that Miki does the role of Hijikata Toshizou from Hakuouki!!! Anyhow, I wonder if there'll be more people cosplaying Hakuouki this year because of it? =w=

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Re: Ayuvi

lol Yeah it's kinda hard since we don't get notifications on blog update outside of the fc2 blog? ^^;

You're doing the Musouroku (Calendar Version) Hijikata for Smash right? As much as I want to do Kazama in his Smexy miltary outfit v-352, I don't think I'm that motivated to sew it since I've seen quite a few different cosplayers around that already did the Musouroku version. :/ (They did a decent job too)

I'm pretty sure it's easy to find Hakuouki cosplayers since Miki is coming. ;) Probably worthwhile posting in the forum recruiting if you're really out of connections...

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Yes I read the tweet! NEW HAKUOUKI ANIME YAY!

AND YES MIKI COMING TO SYDNEY OMG MY HIJIKATA <3 I actually want to cosplay him for SMASH but I want a group so I'm looking for people xD



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