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My Play History of Mario Party 9

WOOT! A new Category for Wii Console! XD Actually should have been blogging about other Wii games too but never got around to it. orz

I was kinda interested in Boom Street which features Dragon Quest and Super Mario characters. Being a JRPG fan, I've played various games from the Dragon Quest series, moreover it's by Toriyama Akira who did the awesome title Chrono Trigger. <3 But since I'm used to playing his characters on RPG, we figured that Mario Party 9 would be more worthwhile getting! PLUS~ the game was released in Australia less than a week ago!

EDIT: The page decided to error on me so long post will now be short. :/
Mario Party 9

New Features:
* You move on a vehicle together with your fellow friends/rivals on a linear road

* First person Perspective Mode - See things from a completely different angle!

* No more Coins! Get mini stars instead!

* Choose the number of players! CPUs could be excluded now even if you don't have enough players in party mode.

* Earn Party points during each play to unlock 2 stages and 2 additional characters. If you think hard isn't hard enough, you could unlock the CPU hardest level. You also get misc little things that doesn't add to the in game play but as collection.

My thoughts:

* To be honest I didn't like the First person Perspective Mode. Sure it was interesting at first - simliar to that of Spyro the Dragon gameplay - but the bad angles (which you can't control freely) made it extremely harder to finish the mini game. Namely the last round (10 Rounds in total) of the mini game where you're vs 3 CPUs with bad angles. It took 20+ (Most effort done by the skilled Ry - here's his side of the review) tries to actually finish it.

My beloved Yoshi prepared to be crushed by 3 CPUs...

* Browser is actually very kind to Losers!? Soooo... the baddies have their soft side too! XD

* Fate changing experience/danger near 2nd half or end of the game. You could lose from up to half of your existing mini stars, turning from winner to loser! orz This game seems to depends on luck more than skills. Though having skills does help you get to the first place initially, then it's a matter of the combination to keep at it. orz

* Moving on the linear road gave me the sense of a start and end. Though it seems to have made the game much shorter compare to being able to move separately.

* The removal of coins seems to have made the game simpler since you only have "one" currency (Mini Stars)... or in other words, the in game spending feature (where you could buy items) was removed.

* I hate the CPUs! orz If these are "normal" CPUs with unbelievably good luck, I can't imagine what it would be like with the hardest level CPUs. orz

* Maximum number of 2 dice that you could carry. I suppose this is to promote the use of these special dice?

* Single Player Mode (For those who don't have friends lol) - you get to do 3 CPUs vs Player and/or Rival vs Player. Playing alone is hard... and if you loses, you'll have to replay the stage again. orz

This game is highly recommended to play with other players, with at least 1 CPU which you could group bully - trust me, you'll hate them too seeing such luck they have. XDDDDD

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