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Time for more Otome Keitai Game!

OMG! I survived to see the daylight after 2 weeks whole of hectic work!

Certainly feels like I'm in a blogging mode (instead of drawing)! And here I was just started playing this game called Koi Furi Vol 1 by Interactive Brains, which was released just yesterday (Have been waiting for this game for a while now since they delayed the release date XD) ... so here goes!
Koi furi
Character design/illustrated by Minetobi Ram.

Saint Ivy Gakuen is a coed school for famous/rich families, where dorm rooms are provided for students who attend. Heroine (Player) was raised in a normal family, but since she scored the best marks for the year, she was able to entered the Saint Ivy Gakuen as a Scholarship student.

On her way to Saint Ivy Gakuen, she bumped into Takatsuki Shintarou who happily helped her with move her heavy luggage and lead her to Mizusawa Kanade, who is a Second Year student and also in charge of the students dorm. Due to the limited amount of girls in Saint Ivy, girls gets to have a room to themselves, and guys have to share a room with a roommate.

On the first morning of the term start, Heroine was so nervous about making the student speech that she was only able to drank some soup in the morning for breakfast. On her way to the hall, she followed a dog which lead her to Hiiragi Rihito, who is also a First year student. Hiiragi asked if they have met before and Heroine had the same feeling too but could not remember exactly. Then it was time for the ceremony at the hall. After the speech by the Third Year student council president, Saionji Tooru, the Heroine was called upon. She did her speech but then collapsed.

Heroine woke up later in the infirmity room and saw a tall blonde guy wearing doctor's coat. He figured the reason for her collapsing was not eating breakfast properly, Heroine apologies and he patted her on the head and asked her to call him Rui Sensei. Turns out this guy called Nanase Rui was actually a Third Year student who just happened to be there.

By the time she head back to the dorm it was late in the evening and she lost her way. So when she saw a shadow she ran towards the person and ask for direction. The guy notice that she's his classmate, though the Heroine said she haven't remembered everyone's faces yet, including Mamiya Shun. As she was explaining why she couldn't remember the way, she started crying so Mamiya decided to escort her back to the dorm.

The prologue ends with the option to choose between the individual episodes of the following characters. I've decided to leave the story of each character for you lots to explore! But generally speaking here's the character relationships!


Hiiragi Rihito (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
First Year student who seems to have met you in the past...?!
Notice how his voice is pretty much the first of the few characters that gets to go into the samples voices for most otome keitai games!? XD

Mizusawa Kanade (CV: Tonaga Tsubasa)
Second Year student who is also in charge of the Girls dorm.

Saionji Tooru (CV: Hosota Yoshimasa)
Third Year student council president who asks you to help out with the student council.
LOL Yasuri Shichika from Katangatari!!! What are you doing in a Otome game you emotionless Shichika! XDDDD

Sub characters (Playable in Volume 2!)

Mamiya Shun (CV: Taniyama Kishou)
First Year student, classmate and childhood friend of Hiiragi Rihito.
Same character voice as Shinomiya Natsuki from Utapri (Uta no Prince Sama)!

Takatsuki Shintarou (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Second Year student who's in the archery club.

Nanase Rui (CV: Maeda Takeshi)
Third Year student.
He reminds me ALOT of Jinguuji Ren from Utapri!

I hardly have to write this part, so this is something new I suppose. To play this game, you'll need to get the Keyboard "Japanese Kana". It won't work with Japanese Romaji. orz

As shown in the title name Koi "Furi", this game features the "Flick" function (Furi is the short form from the word Flick)! So what is this "Flick" function? To put it simple, it's similar quick-type in English, where you start with the Hiragana set with "a" series (A, Ka, Sa, Ta, Na, Ha Ma, Ya, Ra, Wa), to get the other words, you click onto the beginning alphabet and flick in either 4 directions (Up for "U", Down for "O", Left for "I" and Right for "E").


The game offers two mode - story and flick practice (Aka Free play). You could play the 8 stages (Stage number equals to the number of words to flick in each questions) in the flick practice mode. Results or rankings are available in the order of best to worst: S, A , B & C. If you achieve Rank A+, you'll obtain a sketch piece or voice piece as a reward. And once you collected all the pieces, you'll get the beautiful illustration and a love message from the selected character. What's more if you obtain rank S for all stage, you'll obtain scenario voice (Mini drama) and a special stage will be opened!

My record time (Temporary) is 12.8 seconds!

The game arts reminds me of Utapri (The school emblem too!) and the splitting year by their ribbon or tie and colours reminds me of Starry Sky! XD The use of photographs for background was abit weird at first, then I got used to it.

This game is catagorised in the Education catagory which I think is quite suitable. Moreover it helps you learn how to type Japanese quickly. XD The only bad thing about it is that I'm not that fluent in typing Japanese, so I feel abit disadvantage in collecting all the missing pieces. T^T Though that means some of us would have to keep playing it!

I'd highly recommend this game for keeping!!! Plus, I can't wait for Volume 2! I wonder if the Prologue would be the same or completely different!?

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