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Pokemon & Nobunaga no Yabou Crossover!?

Pokemon Nobunaga no Yabou By Nintendo x Koei have been released on NDS in Japan! To be honest, I never played any of the Nobunaga no Yabou series (Only seen my brother play them but they look so boring and requires too much strategy?) though With familiar characters from Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) and Pokemon series, it definitely looks like this game is out there to obtain a bigger fan base!
What happened to my Reshiram?! T^T On a side note, Oichi and Mitsuhide looks more like the main characters. lol Nagamasa should be in the game and placed where Mitsuhide is... orz

In the period of war, the time that is known as Ranse, there's a division of 17 countries who are in war and fought against one another to obtain more power/land. The main character (You could select the gender) takes the role in battle with Eevee (Your starter Pokemon) to liaise with others and fend off enemies...

main characters
Typical question from Pokemon! Are you a boy or a girl!?


* The use of Pokemon reminds you of Pokemon Dugneon series. Though if you have played Final Fantasy tactics, you will notice the game play is the same. Player places their Pokemon on a square grid (Map) to fight against one another. The location and direction that your Pokemon is facing is important as it will impact the battle and defend power. Further, there are elemental advantages and disadvantages with each Pokemon as seen in the normal Pokemon series.

* Characters change their appearance if they reached a high link percentage with their Pokemon partner.

At first I thought it sounded weird to have Pokemon cross over with Sengoku characters. Since... they're older characters in terms of age compare to Pokemon characters (Moreover I have a tendency to avoid the name Nobunaga no Yabou XD I'm so biased!). Though I suppose the simplified style of the Sengoku characters (Without losing the unique characteristic of each character) made it more in line with the Pokemon design hence more acceptable.

From looking the trailer, it seems like the game is merely placing Pokemon characters into the Sengoku story and in grid fighting style (Sengoku characters looks like spirits in Shaman King next to the Pokemon! lol). The main characters (Good and evil) are matched quite well with the respective Pokemon in terms of colour scheme. Though some sub characters seems abit forceful. ^^;

Despite saying all that, I would still want to play this game being a fan of Pokemon and Sengoku Musou! XD I believe it will be released in English in the near future! (Judging from the fact that all Pokemon and Sengoku Musou series gets released in English!)

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