[Cosplay] Vocaloid Camellia

Backdated post again!

This photoshoot happened the next day after the Hakuouki photoshoot.

So yes, as I was saying here’s what this journal should have been like. lol

Going back to the day of the Hakuouki shoot. Everyone knew that we’ll have the Vocaloid Camellia shoot the next day. We sent a last minute suggestion that we’ll go to USYD for photoshoot during the Hakuoki shoot. lol Talk about being organised. I suppose since Dewmelen lives in Melbourne, it was hard for her to know what location would suit Vocaloid Camellia (Though she was the one who suggest we do the photoshoot with Rayfy). Regardless, the photoshoot did end up happening!

Vocaloid family portrait!

Meiko (Kaasan) @ Kurako
Kaito (Tousan) @ Bambi
Megupoid (Neesan) @ Dewmelen
Gakupoid (Niisan) @ Haruki
Len @ Nabari
Photographer @ Rayfy

It all started initially when Dewmelen asked Haruki to be her Gakupo, then we dragged everyone else in. lol This ended up being my first Vocaloid cosplay and I was doing my favourite character Len (Though using Rin’s wig since Len’s wig wasn’t suitable for Camellia version)! orz Despite it being a closet cosplay (Since it was easy to prepare, I only did it the night before. ^^;) but I felt so lonely without a Twin. >-< Hehalana refuses to be Rin since she don’t want to sew nor did she want to buy the costume for Rin (She would much rather do Miku or Luka since they’re her favourite).

The aged adult Vocaloids!
Photo by Nabari (Like the only decent one that I took orz)

The Kanagatari spirit lives on! CANNOT UNSEE
Photo by Nabari

My flowers became Meiko's Wedding bouquet! Made me hum the Wedding music throughout the whole day.
Photo by Rayfy

You might realised that I really love Meiko's long dress. I love it so much that we used it like a Kotatsu.
Photo by Rayfy

Photo by Rayfy

Many thanks for Rayfy for putting up with my randomness and the request for crack photos! Here's Rayfy's effort to make me Manry...! Yes I was tempted to have a photo taken by his choice of word - "Manry", I even asked to confirm if he said "Manly or Manry". lol

My supposed to be Manry look
Photo by Rayfy

There's actually alot of photos from Kaito and Meiko's Wedding, but I've decided to not to post on this blog since they should upload them to DA themselves! XD

I caught the Wedding bouquet in the end and I married myself.
Photo by Nabari

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No title

Awww hope you are better now ><!

Really? I think you did an awesome first attempt!!!!! :D Yay looking forward to it!!

Re: Ayuvi

I think I actually saw you outside the convention area at the end of the day, but then I wasn't feeling so well so I didn't say hi. I saw Wendy too but also the same thing. >-<'

Thank you! It's my first attempt at Vocaloid! Been wanting to do Vocaloid for many years now. orz I have yet to continue typing this belated journal. orz More photos to come!

No title

I didn't see you there :(((((((

But wow you look so amazing here *A*


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