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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy by Indieszero x SE

Probably time to change my DS to a 3DS! lol Apart from waiting for PL vs PW and being a big SE JRPG fan, I’m seriously considering getting a 3DS just for this game! And just yesterday I think my old DS is playing up on me... probably a sign to get it! XD

Featuring the cute Avatar Mascot style of Final Fantasy characters from series I to XIII! My first impression was Dissidia Final Fantasy, where you see all your favourite characters from the FF series againm but only chibi form.

As suggested in the game title, it is a rhythm game where you tap on the screen in correct spots to the beat of the music playing as seen in Ouendan, Elite Beat Agents and the like.

This post also include abit about KH 3D! :P

Between the time of Cosmos and Chaos, there's a space called Rhythm where there're crystals that controls the world's sound. However the balance was disturbed and the crystals loses the control. In order for the crystal to return to normal, the warriors that are chosen by the crystal must go on a journey to obtain the highest music wave called "Rhythpo"...

Characters (Ordered by Series)

Cute loading bar
Cute loading bar <333

Warrior of Light, Frioniel, Onion Knight, Cecil, Butz, Tina, Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Tidus, Shantotto, Vaan, Lightning

Princcess Sarah, Ming-Wu, Cid, Rydia & Cain, Faris, Rock (Look), Aerith & Sephiroth, Seifer, Vivi (Where's Garnet!?), Yuna, Prishe, Ashe, Snow (WHY IS IT NOT HOPE orz), Cosmos (Original from this game)

Chocobo & Moogle (Long time Mascots!)

Monsters (Don't remember much of them but here's a few of the memorable ones)
Ultimate Weapon, Safer Sephiroth, Cefca, Hill Gigas, Bethemoth, Ultros, Bomb, Magic Pot, Malboro, Black Waltz 3, and last but not least, my favourites - Sabotender & Tonberry!

As with the music of the FF series, they're known for their quality of music. Hence it's basically a spin off merchandise from SE to grab the music lovers and non RPG gamer fanbase. With the music player built into the game, you could just listen to the music or watch the movie in the collection. Plus you get over 81 different chibi style cards!

I was abit disappointed to not see any KH characters! They were given the Avatar Mascot version too as phone straps! I love the music from KH series too! Though not that they will make a game for them since they're releasing the 3D - Dream Drop Distance which is just 3 days away from release! On a side note, Riku have short hair again! He now looks younger than Sora in game style! orz Though the drawing makes him looks kinda cool. . Furthermore, they included the Subarashiki Kono Sekai (aka The World Ends with you) characters - hey they have good upbeat musics! Is it just me or are the monsters more colourful than ever?! XD

Despite knowing KH are not from the same series, but since they belong SE I couldn't help but think they would have them as support or special cameo characters. orz

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