[Movie] The Hunger Games

Western version of Battle Royale

... that was both Hehalana and my immediate thought when we heard the plot of this movie.

The movie is based on the novel which is a trilogy written by Suzanne Collins.

Katniss Everdeen lives in the world where the Capitol holds absolute power over the rest of the Districts. One boy and one girl (known as tributes) aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete with other tributes and only one person can survive in this annual event called the Hunger Games.

*Spoiler Alert*

So... on Wednesday night I went with Hehalana to watch the Hunger Games. (lol I was supposed to post the journal but was distracted by Bambi. :P) Prior to the movie we ate dinner (Incase we starves from watching the 2.5 hours movie). I feel so alert this morning , must have been all that screaming, laughing and teary eyes which helps stress relieve. Despite saying it reminded me of Battle Royale, I felt that it was better than Battle Royale (Partly because it's made like 10+ years ago).


The poster makes me think of fantasy genre more... so I was expecting something entirely different like magic and all! Further, it was interesting to note that there was nothing really to do with starvation within the Hunger Game, but more just to do with the lives of the people from the districts. XD My guess is that Hunger game is named that way because of the tributes are from poor districts who normally starves, unlike people from the Capitol.

The whole movie is very captivating! Not a moment that I'd feel bored or dragging. The battle scenes gotta be the scariest. Probably because when we watch Battle Royale, we watched it on a small screen. Many parts were unexpected too. Probably giving too much focus on Mockingjay pin... which I thought would save her life from some sword or arrow or the like. But nothing. orz Something wasn't explained in the movie... what does the Mockingjay pin represent? (Apart from being a protective charm)

I really like the way the people from Capitol were portrayed in the movie. The vivid colours for the upper classes, so theatrical to imply people in today's society wearing fake faces? Apart from the difference between the Capitol and the districts, the different districts seems to have different living standard as well. Probably representing different levels in Society? Talking about that, those two from Districts 1 are trained assassins! :O They’re scarier than the beast they released at the end!

There were too much controls by the show hosts and it was so much like Big Brother when they interview each of the tributes. Apart from that, the sponsors and all (Tiger and bunny), the message in the sponsored items sent. Those funny remarks are hard to read at first, but gave you enough time to read. To be honest, Katniss is VERY LUCKY to have all the support from the others!

That cute bakery boy Peeta! I didn’t think he was THAT good looking when the show host said it at first. But I do find him cute half way through the movie. The reason why I said cute and not cool/handsome is because of his height... compare to the "boyfriend" Gale. I was glad there was romance in this movie. Though some cheesy parts where I knew exactly what they’re going to do/say, but I dig them! lol

Will definitely look forward to the 2nd movie! Since as usual, I don't read novel. (I might consider the audio book though. XD)

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