[NES] Google Maps 8 Bits

Google Maps 8 Bits



So... after watching the video I've decided to go play the trial version...
To play simply go on to their website and click map on the top of the bar. Once you have reach the google map, click on the Quest button on the top right hand corner.

Type in a landmark e.g. Sydney Opera House @ Australia.

opera house
Sydney Opera House appears in 8 bits, and you'll see 2 NPCs at Pyrmont.

You could check out the street view as well (By dragging your warrior on to the map), which shows you highly pixelated and colourful (primary colours) street view. It is recommended that you don't use this view since it'll blind your eyes.

Interesting note
* Cherrybook @ Australia does have a lot of trees. lol
* Blue Mountains @ Australia is not blue!
* No Dungeons near the mountains! orz
* A Ghost (Dragon Quest style) near Mount Fuji @ Japan!
* A Panda near the White House @ US! XD
* A Red Slime (Dragon Quest style) near Livermore @ US!
* A Golem (Dragon Quest style) near Los Molinos @ US!
* A Skeleton (Dragon Quest style) near Graham @ US!
* A UFO at Area 51 @ US!
* Bat near Three Rivers!
* Unlike the demo video, there's no actual music!
* Your character does not travel. orz
* Nice little touch with different company names coming up. I actually had Square Enix showing! *SE Fan mode*

My thoughts
Definitely worth while playing, just to see what's your local area looks like in 8bits style. Though I hope their final release would upgrade to more bits or at least more locations and NPCs! XD

Last but not least, Happy April Fools Day!

P.S. I promise I'll update the Vocaloid Camellia Shoot and hopefully Mini Animania report this week! ><


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