[NDS] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

My play history of [NDS] Professor Layton 2

Not too far ahead with the Professor Layton series... not that I don't like the game. I mean, the pictures are beautifully drawn, and I do believe that they SHOULD make an anime out of it. XD I just blame it on the puzzles... orz
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My thoughts of the game so far:

* I've been thinking alot about what Professor Layton said in chapter 0, about Luke is not his apprentice. XD But my guess is that either Luke is his son (LOL, since he always says "Luke my boy") or Luke is his best friend's son, and his best friend died and left Luke with Professor Layton.

* Flora appears! as a stalker Somethings seems to be odd about her... I believe I'll find out when I finish. =A=;

* More picture puzzle than word/calculation puzzles...?

* The puzzle seems to be easier than Professor Layton 1 (Professor Layton and the Curious Village)

* I notice Professor Layton's eyes are very very small. You can barely tell that he's angry. lmao

* Oh yes! Yes Felix! Take off Professor Layton's hat before he want to commence inside the place. Despite being a real Gentlemen, his dress code doesn't seems to be fitted to be proper (I suppose because he didn't wear a tie, but that's not the point), and his HAT needs to be taken... seriously, I won't take any other hat than the one on your head Professor Layton. orz I have a feeling he's bold underneath the hat to be on the realistic side of things.

* Throughout the series, Professor Layton have been emphasising the rules of being a real Gentlemen. Which I begin to suspect, he's just using it to get away with a lot of things... orz

Other thoughts:

While awaiting for the next Pheonix Wright game (Sadly, it is unlikely to happen this year orz), Professor Layton is now officially my second NDS obsession! XD I found some interesting links on DA:
Flash done by Skaijo This is part 2, you should check out all 5 parts. XD
Professor Layton without his hat by Papaws I'm really tempted to get her Professor Layton Doujinshi! It's like the original artist drawing!

On a side note, Professor Layton 4 (レイトン教授と魔神の笛) have been released! So glad it didn't end at 3. :3 But I only wish they release the English version sooner... orz

*Goes back to playing NDS*


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