[Cosplay] Mini Animania

My very first Mini!

Wasn’t expecting much since it’s a mini, but was still surprised with the amount of awesome cosplays there was on the day (24/03/2012 - Yes it's another belated backdated posted orz).

Caught the train this time with Hehalana and Ry and we arrived at the convention approx 10:30am. I went as Teto this time to meet up and hang with my awesome Niisans and Neesans for Vocaloid Camellia again! :D

I met up with Kurako, Celine and Bambi initially. Then walked around for vendors and artist circles goodies, then we sat on the couch in the open area waiting for Luka to be ready and still waiting for Gakupo to come. While we were waiting, I finally saw the tall Gakupo in Camellia version that Kurako and Celine was talking about! When someone asked for photos, we called out to the Gakupo and we had a group photo together. :D

Left to right: Kage, Nabari, Kurako, Celine, Bambi, Scarlet. We were all too lazy to stand up.
Photo by Hehalana

Later we moved to find better location for photos. We pretty much hogged the white wall on the side of the main area. lol

Was very happy to find a tall Gakupo Nii (With abit of heels) whose taller than our Kaito Nii ~ Talk about perfect heights!
Photo and edit by Nabari

We managed to take some pictures of Gakupo x Luka! Our original Gakupo Nii - Haruki came after while Kage left just before we head to the Cosplay Catwalk. We’re probably were the biggest group of Vocaloid on the day.

Kyaaaa They're both so HOT! >//////////////<
Photo by Hehalana

Behind the lens. Many thanks to Hehalana for helping us take group photos!
Photo by Nabari

Only had time to watch the Cosplay Catwalk. Seriously, I don't think I know what happened to the whole enjoying the con thing. orz

Cosplay Catwalk
Photo by Nabari

After the Cosplay Catwalk, somehow it turned into another Vocaloid Camellia photoshoot with Rayfy. (I wasn't ware of that! @.@)

Sorry but I think Teto doesn't belong to anywhere... orz

Kaito @ Bambi
Miku @ Celine
Luka @ Scarlet
Meiko @ Kurako
Gakupo @ Haruki
Teto @ Nabari
Photographer @ Rayfy

I regret not doing Len again since I couldn’t take pairing shoot with Miku. =3= Plus, Teto doesn’t go with anyone apart from selfcest with Ted? orz I couldn’t talk much about the mini since I pretty much sat the whole way throughout the convention. Not feeling like myself (or well) in so little clothing I suppose (I need my sleevesssss).

Random photo...

My favourite photo of the day - Nyan! Bought her and was actually carrying her when we were on the lounge in the first picture. XD
Photo by Haruki

I was told later that one day we'll have the whole group for Vocaloid Camellia and then we'll do another photoshoot...! (I wonder if it'll be with Rayfy again... orz He must be so sick of us by now! lol) But the question is, should I do Len or Teto...? @.@ Actually I think I pick neither... :P

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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Re: J

I don't think they sell Maniwani costume anywhere. ^^; THe next time we cosplay Katanagatari again would be the day that we have all our 12 members for Maniwani! 8 of us already completed the cosplay costume, we're just waiting for 2 characters to be confirmed, then the other 2 members will start sewing too.

For Japanese, you could actually learn it at TAFE too or you could take it as a University elective! :D

lol YES! I love crack shots! v-344 They're the most fun to upload! :D And thank you! The wig took me sometime to style. Though you haven't seen what it's like at the back of it. XD

Re: J

lol I find that sportsbra does the same effect if you don't have much like me! XD

I pretty much gave up on Bleach ever since the focus changed to Orihime. @.@ But for Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto and the likes, I only catch up with them from time to time. orz I suppose I'm not addicted to Shounen Manga as much.

For Katanagatari, we all sew our own costume and made our own props, since not all of them are readily available online. Another reason why it was quite awesome to have a massive group because everyone knows you can't buy them directly. :D Wigs are standard and require styling. Actually apart from regretting not doing textile, another thing is hairstyling! Ahhh not to mention also woodworks! XD

I'll update a backdated Smash report when I get a few photos off from the others... orz


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