[PSP] Kamigami no Asobi - Ludere Deorum

New Otome game by Broccoli x Kazuki Yone!

So... Kazuki Yone have left Otomate and moved on to Broccoli for this project called Kamigami no Asobi, brought to you by the same team who did the the ever popular series Uta no ☆ Prince Sama ♪ plus music by Elements Garden!

There isn't much information released yet, but more in the May's issue of Dengeki Girl's Style! But man, this magazine is so hard to find in Kino nowdays! Seriously the only way is to get them online!

On to the Bishies designed by Kazuki Yone! XD
Two main characters (Left to right): Apollon Agana Belea (Sun) and Tsukito Totsuka (Moon)

In the World of the Gods, at a time where Gods and human coexist, the representative Gods gather to discuss the problem with Gods who dislike human. Gods should love Human and should be worshipped by human. These Gods are worried that the relationship between the Gods and Human will soon to disappear. To fix this situation, it was decided that one fated human girl was selected to live in the school created for Gods in order to teach the Gods what is like being human and about love. The forbidden/Misfortune love story between Gods and human begins!

It's kinda amazing how they could just use 1 picture to do the whole short Promotional Video. XD (Same goes for me to have a post about this too. :P)

I suppose the selling point is Kazuki Yone's art! Although the theme was mentioned as "Misfortune love" (Sad end!?), but Yes, I'll follow whichever company Kazuki Yone go! lol

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theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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Thank you for the infos...but I haven't really understand this with the cgs...sorry,but can you explain it to me one more time.How many cgs will have the normal story line land how many one route?
Sorry to bother you...

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Thanks for the info.Do you know something about the Mythology Mode that is shown in the PV on the website?

Infos please!!

It would interest me too,what the Dengeki Girl's style writes about Kamigami no asobi.Can anyone give me some Infos of the game and the characters in it?!
It is so,I can't read japanese and I can't buy this magazine.Could someone help my and give me some infos?

Re: Mimimi

There are 3 different modes for this game - the ADV, mini game and the Hakoniwa (Box Garden) mode. The ADV is the normal story, whilst where you score good results in the mini game (Multiple choice questions with time limit) you will earn objects/characters to customise your very own Hakoniwa (Like many online games where you could decorate your very own room). Further, with the right combination placed in the Hakoniwa, voiced events may occur.

Above is my rough translation from the August 13 issue of Dengeki Girl's style.

Extra modes

Does anyone know something about the extra modes like the box garden in game?

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Thank you very much.

Re: ReRe & AliceMalice

ReRe @ I had a quick flip to the Kamiasobi section of the August 2013 issue of my Dengeki Girl's Style, there will be 4 ending for each route - 2 Love End and the Fate End (I think this is the one where they can't be together aka Bad end). I think the love route is probably more likely to be where the God give up their position and become human, because I don't think anyone can become God by just attending their school. XD

AliceMalice @ Looking at the ending, I assume there'll be approx 30 odd CGs in the gane by doing the maths (4 chapters * 6 character + 2 hidden x 2 ends)... I can't say for sure but do check out their website as their release date gets closer. Don't forget the fact that the characters appears in chibi forms is already a great plus for getting the game.

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I hope,they have both, happy and sad endings for each route,like Yui becomes a godess or so....

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I have checked it out, but I don't know Utapri or other games from
Broccoli, neither games with the art from Kazuki Yone....

Re: AliceMalice

The game is due to be released late October this year. Given the sample CGs on their website (you should check it out), I believe they will provide enough CGs per route as with Brocoli's other otome game (E.g. Utapri)...

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I hope this game will have many many cgs for each route. Can anyone scatter my worries?!

Re: Release Date?!

I don't think it'll be released this year, if so they would have already posted the release date... (since this year is almost over).

However, I note that they will be running the manga version of Kamiasobi on Sylph February issue, so I think it's likely to be released early next year. :D Still haven't to wait for more sneak peak on Girls Style or B'z Log before it's released - since they tend to do that before they are released.

Hopefully I'll find out more when I head to Japan this week! <333

Release Date?!

Know anyone if kamigami no asobi will released this Year?! I hope so!!!!!!

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Hey...thanks for the information! XDD

Re: Misa

lol I finished my exam just on Thursday so I'm free now! Plus, the blog comments links to my email so I get email alerts! XD

My english isn't the greatest so don't worry! XD I suppose we all need to start somewhere. I think most people start off with a style they admire then it develops into a new style! If they're skilled to immitate Yone's style to fool most of us, I'm sure they have the potential to grow even better and develop a unique style! v-353 Plus, I believe part of the reason is that it's the 4th one of the series, they want to keep the style consistent...? In the end, I just wait for more Otome quality games to be released! XD

The name Ike was written in Hiragana, so it's not too hard to read (It's hard to find much about Ike the artist though). XD I learnt Japanese for 5 years now, though saying that, I only have more practice on reading and listening and not enough speaking! XD We're always learning!

P.s. I took some pictures of Yone related titles in my latest entry! :3

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waa you replied so quick x33!

hehe yeah, lets do that :)!!
uhn, heard of that T_T just copying her is noobish xD sorry my English isnt that well xD
yeah, i think so too..but nevertheless we get to see at least more bishis xDD but it´ll get boring in the future ö.ö maybe xDD
dunno xD
Ike? Never heard of this artist ö.ö aww but im impressed that you can actually read japanese *-* wish i could too xD gonna study more ö.ö yeeeees i agree..furthermore you see the fake ones..they try to copy her..but in the end it´s still not the same ö.ö just saw more pictures of hiiro no kakera shirahana no ri..and it doesnt look exactly like kazuki yone´s art *___*

Re: Misa

lol Let's spread our love for Yone for doing more Otome games instead! XD

Yeah there's a growing trend of various artists using similar style of Yone (But of course they're not as awesome as Yone's <3) for otome games which is getting abit confusing. @.@ (Probably that's the standard Ikemen look XD) But the illustration artist for Hiiro No Kakera Shirahana No Ori is Ike. *Flips through B's Log* It's similar but Yone's arts definitely have more life to them! :D

Re: Daisy-Chan

The music is done by Elements Garden, which is the team that did Uta no ☆ Prince Sama ♪ game musics. But I like this one in particular as well, since it sounds like RPG theme songs... XD

Armen Noir... I haven't played it. I think it's a relatively new game released on PSP by Otomate? Probably easier if you ask the person who did the livestream? :P

No title

Yes! I was so happy to see that Kazuki Yone is still doing otome games!
Although since I don't understand japanese I won't buy it (hope more companies bring otomes in English apart from Hakuoki)

The song from the PV was great too!

An offtopic question... do you have Armen Noir OST or know where can I get it? I fell in love with the music when I saw someone playing it in a live stream but can't find it...


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