[iPhone] Aishite Kainushi Darling

Love me, I'm your pet darling

lol Reference to the above, that's actually the English title they gave this app. XD

Just by chance I came across this newly released app which is brought to you by the same company that did all the Soine Kareshi series - Visual Works x Frontier Works!

Illustrated by Kosumi Fujiko who did the running popular manga Samurai Drive and Sengoku Blood. Plus she did a few short otome manga such as Dangerous Share and Hiiro no Kakera!

The very first character from the series is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa. The Drama is actually known as Volume 2 Aishite Ageru Chun ♪ - Ore no Pet - of the Pet Series, is due to be released on the 25/04/2012. Being a cat lover, I'm somewhat disappointed that Volume 1 is not avaliable on the app. I suppose Akira Ishida was too good to be free on app. orz

Volume 1 Aishite Ageru nya! - Boku no Pet -
「愛してあげるニャ! -僕のペット-」公式サイト

Volume 2 Aishite Ageru Chun ♪ - Ore no Pet -
「愛してあげるチュン♪ -オレのペット-」公式サイト

===== 05/08/2012 EDIT =====
Volume 3 Aishite Ageru Wan ♪ - Ore no Pet -
「愛してあげるワン! -俺のペット-」公式サイト

As seen from many reviews on the Pet series Drama, most people finds it difficult to think romantically when you're in fact the cool looking guy's pet. This volume 2 reminds me of Hatoful Kareshi (lol Bird obsessed), infact is one of the product of Frontier Works. Personally I think they could do better if it was spin off from Hatoful Kareshi. lol

Subtitle is in English like they did with the Soine Kareshi series in their latest update (Probably trying to sell to the international Otome market!) which is good in a way since everyone understand what they're saying (Amazingly the grammar make sense too! ). Though personally, I enjoyed it more when it came up with Japanese subtitle so I switched off the subtitle for this app.

On a side note, is it just me, or are the male characters for Otome are getting older and older... 32 years old still single and loves his pet bird sound abit... lonely? Apart from that I don't think those are kiss marks lol, I think it's more like you haven't feed Yuki so she's hungry...! XD

I hope they update this one with a range of different Pets (Seiyuu's voice) like they do with the Soine Kareshi series! Though it'll definitely be a long process (since the Dramas have yet to released!), this app is worthwhile looking out for updates.

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