[Manga] B's Log Kyun! & Asuka May12 Issue

Furoku Frenzy!

Because studying is boring... so I went to Kinokuniya to get myself some monthly comics! I know I said I'll stop buying monthly comics (apart from Otome monthly comics ), but I couldn't help myself to get Asuka because of Samurai Drive and Zone-00 Furoku. orz

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B's Log Kyun! Vol 16 May12
Asuka Apr 12
Asuka May 12

Some manga (from Kyun!) spoiler alert...!

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Gyaaa I stuffed up by having same file names for my new post so I'll just remove the picture, since I can't be bothered to take picture and upload again. orz

My goal of the day - B's Log Kyun!
* Furoku 1 - Hiiro No Kakera - Ano Sora no shitade - Test read Special book
As per the cover suggest, you get Suguru Ohmi, Shinji Inuka and Ryou Kutani's route. The cover looks nice, but if it's not done by Kazuki Yone or Kosumi Fujiko then it doesn't feel the same - at least for me. orz

* Furoku 2 - Dream yume Say You Collection Yami no Koutaishi
Happy to see Takahiro Sakurai's name! (lol The rest wasn't as important to me! I even covered the main character's face by chance *face palm*) Though saying that, I think this time's Furoku isn't as great as the previous ones. Probably because I'm not a big fan of Yami no Koutaishi. Or more like, Yami no Koutaishi wasn't suppose to feel Otome. I suppose Kyun! is more for seiyuu focused... as seen on the cover only minimal comic title is on the cover. XD I almost forgot a few of my favourite manga is running in Kyun! until I read it.

Some good pick up and random thoughts on the chapters in this issue

Cos x Genic Chapter 2 by Tomy Mikoshiba
Supported by Acos & Cure, this manga is about a newbie cosplayer Tachibana Asaki (17 years old) who will started crossplaying! (Cosplaying as a guy character from anime/manga/game) because of her friend Yuko Kusunoki's encouragement. Wanting to see the 2.5 Dimension smile (Dimension between 2D and 3D = cosplayer who looks like the character) again, Yuko took Asaki to the cosplay shop Acos where they bumped into a senior from the same school, "Kirihina" who seems to be a regular customer of Acos. Asaki asked Kirihina to teach her various things about Cosplays, but Kirihina rejected and said not to talk to him at School about Cosplay. Asaki bought Yuko home to test try all the goodies she bought from Acos, but in her room she found her childhood friend Souta reading her BL comics. He complains about how recently she's been keeping things secret from him and desperate to drive Souta out of her room, Souta saw the cosplay costume that Asaki bought not long ago!

Shinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono Chapter 13 by Kirishima Sou
Unrequited love and being a childhood friend at his best!

Uta no Prince Sama Pianissimo Chapter 4 by Ichikotoko
Otoya focus...?

Ame nochi Hare by Bikke
Love rivalry becoming more and more obvious! Except as usual, the "girl" involve have no idea. I suppose this is the only manga that I would ship in many various way because of the nature of the story. XD

Hakuouki Chapter 16 by Ninomiya Sachi
KAZAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA >///////////< That is all. lol Still waiting for his OVA.

Starry sky Chapter 8 by Minagawa Haru
Jealous Suzuya is <3

Daydream Nightmare Chapter 1 by Inose
Abit lost on the story - one of those need to read on to find out manga. Will keep an eye out because of how cute Ichi is!

It's no wonder Kusumi is obsess with Ichi! XD

Asuka Apr 12

* Furoku 1 - Samurai Drive character book - Bought it because of this Furoku orz
* Furoku 2 - Uraboku Large poster
* Furoku 3 - Saiungoku Monogatari Clear File
* Furoku 4 - Zone-00 and Yakumo Alternative book cover

Picked up a new comic from this volume called Far East Prison by Nokiya, which reminds me of Gantz (Battle Royale and the like). Though saying that, it is quite an interesting read, specially to find out how people end up with the score they're with initially. Funny thing is there's always this one person that knows or enjoy this whole "game" thing.

Caught the ending of Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken by Shibata Isuzu, happy ending YES! Also Mystery Kaiketsubu by Min SakuSaka is short and funny, just to my liking. <3 (Starting to sound like I'm making excuse to buy this comic for the Furoku lol)

Asuka May 12

This volume is like artbook give away! Totally worth getting it for the Furoku.

* Furoku 1 - Saiungoku Monogatari Calendar
* Furoku 2 - Zeno-00 Scandal Book Monthly GOBI
* Furoku 3 - Oresama Alternate book cover

Last but not least!

Furoku 4 - Samurai Drive Mega Size Postcard Set!!! 01: Haruma, 02: Group, 03: Ibuki, 04: group, 05: Soma Twins

Apart from Furoku Frenzy, I did pick up other news on manga/anime.

Cantarella have a manga! Furthermore, it comes with the Kaito version Cantarella CD!!! I'm abit sad to see it's not Kaito and Miku orz

Hyouka will be aired today! I have a feeling I'll like this anime, so I can't wait!

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