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Love & Study

So I came across this free Otome style educational app by Sammy NetWorks for people to learn English!

With English difficulty based on the English Proficiency tests level 2 - 4, players could set the difficulty to their game play to achieve different endings (So far I got Good ends and 1 Normal end)! Though I disagree with minimal amount of answers, but not that I’m a native nor an English teacher...!

Unlike Koi Furi which I have yet to collect everything with my poor Japanese typing skills orz), this is pretty much the easiest Japanese otome game ever for English users!

love  study

Playable Routes
Without trying to give spoiler (because the main story is explaining why are each guy the way they are), here's the list of the playable routes!

Chigahara Kouichi - Kind top grade student
Hoshino Haruka - Have lots of guy and girl friends. Mood maker of the class.
Utsumi Ryuunosuke - Quiet and emotionless looking guy
Rikuto - Worker at the local Book store
Rufus Ouji - President of student Council, perfectionist.

There is a total of 5 routes (2 Unlockable). I’m thinking of typing out all the routes... probably after my exam end of next week? XD Even though I'm just left with the last route today, I’m still trying to test Happy ends, normal ends and bad ends! XD

You just transferred to the famous LS National Private School, with English as the main component of study. At LS, there is a buddy system where you get to partner with another student to study and do tests. Who will your buddy be?

With over 450 differeiont questions based on the Proficiency test level 2 - 4, users could choose their own difficulty. It is highly recommended that you do the test run before doing the actual test (They are the same questions/answers anyway - you could pass without having to read the questions if you memorised the answers! ). There is no time limit and they're just multiple choices, so take your time reading them. :D

As you progresses through each route, you receive text messages from your buddy who encourages you. There is a total of 35 different CG that you could collect in the album (Basic 5 CG per character). The endings depends on your result and what you choose as responses to non test questions/situations throughout each route.

I’m impressed with the level of details for this game compared to “S Kareshi” which is a similar type of game (though not educational). I intended gonna blog about previously... but I didn't end up doing it because it wasn't that great of a app in terms of the basic gameplay. :/ Might blog about it later, but not on priority at the moment. Though I feel that I'm comparing heavily to this game with it. orz

Yes, so first of all, there's music!!! Some sort of sound is always good. It's one the five senses that gotta be used! So thumbs up for music! Further, despite not having seiyuus voicing characters (Which is the recent trend with the Otome apps), I’m still impress with the quality of the app. The drawings style, is one of the main point for its quality too, consistent and the guy's blushes are the cutest! I really like this style of drawing! It somewhat reminds me of Yunomi's style! Plus, it seems like this is their 2nd app released too!

Throughout the game, I felt somewhat felt quite lonely in this "studying" business... since your buddy does nothing (They hang out with you and "study" with you)), and in the end it's really just your results! XD Talk about team effort... !

The story isn't anything exciting, it's kinda predictable. But I like it that way. Simple and short! All the routes are loveable! lol I was kinda hoping for more development in the relationship. I think the furthest you could get was being a friend, or implied love interest in you. The character stories gets better as you head to the unlockable characters! I was glad I'm fluent in English to know what Ryuunosuke was saying!

I hope they would do one for Japanese Proficiency Tests too, because it’ll be helpful for practicing and learning purpose! I still need to do the level 2 proficiency test for Japanese! >-< But for now, let's improve our English!

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Re: Nabari

Thank you very much, and i totally agree lol

Re: Sakura

That's very proactive of you to learn Japanese by yourself. :D I learnt Japanese in class and I haven't search for resources online before, so my suggestion is to learn the basic sentence structures (grammar) and vocabulary (This helps alot even if your sentences isn't perfect). I note there's alot of free Japanese learning apps out there, so you should give it a go too. And if you're gamed enough, light novels are good for reading - they're normally broken down into short sentences and dialogues which makes it easier to read (Just to name a few that I'm reading, Brothers Conflict is more easy read than Arcana Famiglia and let alone Professor Layton series which I still need to struggle through lol).

I understand about paying for apps... that's why I choose to blog about mostly the freebie ones. :D (Do check out the other iPhone games listing on this blog - to name a few I'm on at the moment ) I'd rather pay for console game than paying for mobile games if I was to look into value for money aspect.

And if I could be any help, please feel free to ask me about games. XD

Re: Nabari

Thanks for replying :) and that's really cool. I'm a freshman, so i'm just planning on learning Japanese through different websites on my own. And so true about your comment about the bad end lol. I already play all the free voltage games, because i can't buy the real money ones lol. Anyways, i'll make sure to ask you questions about games later on if you don't mind XD By the way, do you know any good free websites to learn Japanese? Thanks again ^.^

Re: Sakura

It takes quite a bit of effort to get the happy end (Like 500+ points or something I can't remember now, since it involves practicing over and over again. They should probably make a bad end which is easier for us to obtain. lol).

The app's been around for a while, unless someone does the translation to it, I don't think there's much incentive for the company to release it in English given it's a free app (They should do the game the other way around to include Japanese as the test if that's the case XD).

I learnt Japanese during high school for 5 years so I could play all the games I want (Though saying that I only understand probably only 85% of the content if it's too complicated).

There's obviously a rapidly growing demand for English Otome games and there's a few Japanese companies that notice this and released more English otome games - namely Seec Inc (aka Think Pink on Facebook) and Voltage Inc. You should give them a try too since the artworks are very nicely done as well. :D

Re: Nabari

Thanks, lol i saw your comment after i unlocked all the guys. Too bad, i can't read japanese, so basically i just do those english question lol. So far, i only got normal end XP this sucks, i hope they translate it in english. By the way, do you know how to read and write japanese?

Re: Sakura

lol It's been over a year since I finished the game, but if my memory serves me right, to unlock Rikuto you need to complete Kouichi's route (Due to their special relationship which you will find out). As for Rufus, you need to complete all the 3 other routes (But since I played all routes in order so I'm not sure if you need to play the basic 3 or only Ryuunosuke's route because I think Rufus's route appear after his).

Basically the point is that you need to play all their characters! XD

How to unlock the other two guys

So, basically, my title is my question. How do you unlock the other two?
Thanks ^^

Re: Anissa

It's no surprised since they're originated from Japan. Though I'm sure there'll be more and more Otome games to be released in English - since Hakuouki have been released! :D It's just a matter or time! Meanwhile we'll just have to perv on smexy pictures...! XD

No title

Hm so sad that there're not enough otome game in English (´・_・`)
Japanese girls are so lucky ( ̄▽ ̄)


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