[Manga] B's Log & Asuka Jun12 Issue

Manga Spree!

So! I finished my exam on Thursday so I bought some manga (This person don't go to the bookstore enough), but then when I got home I realised that it is International Free Comic Book day at Kino this Saturday(05/05/2012) with 20% off all comics/manga/Manhwa!!!

Hence I went again on Saturday to get more comics to balance out the discount... T ^ T
First up! What I managed to grab (The manga that I really wanted weren't there so yeah. orz)


Left to right Row 1:
Gate 7 Vol 2 by Clamp - My free comic! \(^o^)/ I was so surprised to see it up for grab since I thought it was suppose to be all Marvel comics! I ended up grabbing the last copy too! I think my obsession with Clamp is growing back...!
Pintokona Vol 1- 3 by Shimaki Ako - Did I ever mention my love for Shimaki Ako's comics!? Her romance stories are the best! I love the way the guys are very sensitive in her stories. :D
Bakuman Character Book Charaman by Takeshi Obata - Love it how it came with a reverse manga cover for their manga PCP (Perfect Crime Party)! Several pages of colour inserts and it have a short mini manga of Otters 11. I'm relatively disappointed that it wasn't PCP or Crow Chronicle since I didn't like the Otters.
Gintama Character Guide book 1 & 2 by Sorachi Hideaki - Hilarius! Just like the manga itself! This book is full of gag and randomness! XD
Tiger and Bunny 4 Koma Anthology Vol 1 - 2 by Misc - Not only it's a 4koma manga, but the fact that Fujiko Kosumi take parts in them too made me buy it! Not necessary T&B. =w=
Professor Layton Novel Vol 3 Genin no Mori - I bought Vol 1 (Samayoeru Shiro) and Vol 2 (Kaijin Goddo) already so I thought I'd collect this too before it goes extinct. To be honest I haven't have time to start reading the first 2 volumes. :P

Left to right Row 2, is more Otome related:
Isshou ni Gohan Vol 1 - 2 by Maruyama Noriko - Haven't started it but I have taken an interest in the title for a while, and I liked the style alot. Apart from that probably knowing that Tsuda Kenjirou (Who did Kazama from Hakuouki) did the voice for Daitou Natsu made me interested in it. :P I suspect it to be like normal college life with limited romance scene dispite being in this catagory. XD
Storm Lovers Anthology by Misc - Haven't started it but since I couldn't get the Utapri Anthology, I just had to get some otome anthology!
Renai Otogibanashi Toy Box by Mamenosuke Fujimaru & Quin Rose - Anthology based on Quin Rose's title: Arabian's Lost -The Engagement on Desert-, Heart no Kuni no Alice and Crimson Empire! Love the idea who they collate it for a manga base on the company... would love to see one done for Otomate!
Shinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono Vol 1 - 2 by Kirishima Sou - Another one of my favourite mangaka! All her characters are so seductive! I didn't end up buying last time because they ran out of Vol 3 when I decided I'd get it in Japanese since they won't release the title in other languages! XD

B's Log June 2012

It was actually my first time getting a B's Log! First thing I notice was the content was almost the same as B's Log Dengeki Girl's style! orz Though I still think Dengeki Girl's style is better. No more B's Log for me!

Hana Awase
I was gonna blog about this new game coming up called Hana Awase, and illustrated by Yura (Kinoki from Little Cheese)!!! I'm still confused if this Yura is the Yura that did Love Revo (If so, her artwork improved so much! The facial and postures!)... could someone enlighten me on this!?

Utapri stickers

Have to say I like this sticker Furoku more since you do see their faces... not just the school logo on the mirror. orz

Kami Asobi

Kami Asobi (Kamigami no Asobi) by Broccoli x Kazuki Yone which I blogged earlier. Not enough pics! orz


Special Soine Kareshi to be released but my attention shifted immediately to Kazuki Yone's illustration for the new serie of Drama CD - Soine Hitsuji! Those oni horns! >///////<

BsLogJun12 Phantom

A picture of PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin for those who followed my last post! WHY DID PHILLIPE GET THE BIGGEST PICTURE OF ALL LMAO!!! XD Does that mean the CG content is also...!?

BsLogJun12 Diabolik

Is it just me or does the characters on this spread for Diabolik Lovers is posing weirdly?

Asuka June 2012

AsukaJun12 Furoku

Totally bought it for the Samurai Drive Mega Size Postcard Set 2! (Set 1)

AsukaJun12 Samurai Drive

Too lazy to blog more since I have more manga to read! XD Till next time!


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Re: Stella

Many thanks for dropping by! :D It's always good to spread the love of Otome games! XD

To be honest, I haven't played games made by Mirai. Not to mention any 18+ games. :P But did you say Kondo Takashi (近藤隆) is in PersonA...!? I thought the CV was Ooishi Keizou. Oh scrap that, I realised Ooishi Keizou = Kondo Takashi! orz It's actually my first time seeing him using this name! Apparently he uses this name for other 18+ games too! It's good to know since I like Kondo Takashi's Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Also, I just checked out Chou No Doku Hana no Kusari, I think they're releasing a sequel later this year?

By the way, they updated 1 more picture for Kamiasobi! v-352

No title

thnx for the reallyx10 useful information(since I cant buy all those otome magazines..T.T).I just got to know Yozuki san moved to Brocolli from your blog and checked out her new illust and all. I guess she decided to shift becoz Brocolli probably offered her better payment. Whatever the reason it might be I hope she does good job in the new company.

And I'm going to play PersonA from MIRAI in this week and it's my first time playing any game from Mirai. I'm kinda looking forward to play it >.<. Frankly the games from Mirai is not quite my type but the hero seiyu san (Kondo Takashi) is one of my favorites! lol he did really good job in the game 'chou no doku~'
Hope it is not too eroi wwwwww

Re: Ruby

Yes I did! :D

Though if you're looking for them in the Sydney (Australia) Kino (I take it you're from Sydney too?), they have limited stock so have to be quick! ;P I bought mine on the Thursday and it was the last copy. ^^;

No title

Hi there~
Did you buy your B's log from Kino?


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