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The wait is over!

The new instalment to the Diablo series was released yesterday (15/05/2012) by the game company Blizzard, which is known for their other titles Warcraft and Starcraft. Diablo is one of my favourite title of their products (Despite having only played Diablo II + expansion).

I haven't gotten around to play the game yet... to be honest, I don't think I'll head into straight into the game at this stage due to study/work commitments. Though from what I see when Hehalana was playing the game, it is as usual time consuming and addictive. Especially when everyone have been waiting for this game for the longest time (10 Years!).

I don't intend to cover all about Diablo as the information is mostly available anywhere on the internet, so I'll stay focus on the collector's edition of the game (And probably some short summary on the game)!

Diablo III Set  Strategy Guide
The Collector's Edition (Not include Strategy guide on the left hand side)

The set includes:
* Diablo III Game
* Diablo Skull & 4GB USB Soulstone
* The Art of Diablo III (Hard Cover on the Right)
* Behind the Scene DVD & Blue Ray
* Collector's Edition Soundtrack
* 3 Guest pass for up to End of Act 1 (Diablo III)
* 1 Guest pass for up to level 20 (World of Warcraft)

Pity the set does not include a Strategy Guide so we also bought the full colour Strategy Guide (Soft Cover on the left) which include the main artworks for each job/class.

Diablo III Diablo Skull
A closer look at the Diablo Skull with the Soul stone.

Slight disappointment for the colour of this compared to the online version. Though it was partially the reason why we decided on the collector's edition. It includes a copy of Diablo II with expansion.

The artbook contains 208 colour pages from concept sketches to the final character designs which I think it's worth keeping particularly because it is hard cover (Needless to say, the arts are awesome too).

The improvement
The graphics and in-game animation definitely improved (I'd probably be worried if it haven't), especially now you could see the clear difference in height to the floor, making more 3D than before. Though that could be because I used to play it on a CRT monitor, and now seeing it on a 24" LCD Monitor. :P

It is now more user friendly. Previously, when you're slain by the monsters you'll lose your items, though you could retrieve them by finding your corpse. This have been removed so players could confront the high level monsters as much as they want and not lose anything. Further, you could have a maximum party of 4 people (Hence the 3 guest passes? XD) without any restriction to difference in level. Players could drop in and out of party at anytime. This creates abit of problem when the story is shared and some random players aren't particularly interested in the story so they skip the reading. orz

One thing that I missed the most was the Portals. Normally, we each open a portal to ease access purchase more potions during a boss battle. Everyone would go into the different portal that others opened, so it never closes. It also becomes our escape route from boss attack! emoji:v-353]

Part of my habbit for playing MMORPG, I tend to choose Wizard or Thief jobs (Other MMORPG I played were Maple Story and Ragnarok Online). Though I had to say that the Wizard character design puts me off abit because of how closely they resembles characters from Sengoku Musou. orz So I think I'm mostly keen on choosing the Demon Hunter.

===== EDIT 20/05/2012 =====
So... I've spent 2 hours + on the public gaming. My thought is... if you're into the story, play alone!!! Otherwise play public game for the group leveling (They have a system where they would group characters with similar levels)! I felt that the 2 hours + was like hectic work... non stop and I'm so lost in the story. orz Another factor could be because everyone is on their 2nd+ character already. With only 1 town, I felt that everything was looping in circles...? @.@

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