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The app is by Pony Canyon x Opera House Corporation. I don't know much about these two companies. *Is slightly annoyed since it's not available on iPhone *

But I will blog about it for they will be releasing the iPhone/iPad version (Haven't seen it yet though) and for its pretty illustration and character design by Marika, illustrator for the B's Log novel series Tenkuu no Hitomi no Irisu!

Sons of the upper sergeant at the Tsuruga Town are chosen taught the Jyuu No Okite. At the age of 10, they enter Hankou Nisshinkan to practice swordsmanship and academics for the country and their lord. Chisato was able to enter the Nisshinkan because her brother Chitose is the mentor for swordsmanship. Though the peaceful days didn't last long and was disturbed by the Aizu war, and thus they're called upon and known as the Byakkotai...

Though the free version for chapter 1 (Total 3 chapters) doesn't not include voice (They know how to make their money!), here's the list of the CV.

Kanome Chisato (Name changeable)
Heorine of the story. The key person to the Aizu War, her birth is a mystery.

Kanome Chitose (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 千歳
Member of the Suzakutai Team 3. Brother of Chisato and very protective of Chisato.

I seem to take a liking into the older brother type nowdays... probably too addicted to Brothers Complex! lol (One of the very main reason he's first one of the character list XD) Somewhat hoping that he's not actually blood related to Chisato!

Rakai Mineji (CV: Terashima Takuma)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 峰冶
Member of Team 2 of Byakkotai. Close friend with the Kanome siblings. Practice swordsmanship with Chitose from an early age.

Itouma Tahachi (CV: Kishio Daisuke)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 又八
Member of Team 2 of Byakkotai. Younger than Chisato

Shinodagi Saburou (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 儀三郎
Member of Team 2 of Byakkotai. Excellent in academics and swordsmanship. Strict towards himself and others.

Saitani Kotarou (CV: Taniyama Kisho)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 虎太朗
Young master of Nishikiya down at the Tsuruga Town.

Agatsuma Narihira (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)
白虎隊 志士異聞記 儀三郎
Mysterious guy that lives at Nishikiya down at the Tsuruga Town.

That's it so far! Would edit this page once I have access to the game!

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