[NDS] Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

My play history of [NDS] Professor Layton - Part 2

Finished the game... I think around few weeks ago...? D: Didn't have a chance to write much about it due to addicted to an online chatroom where you could create your own character. Putting that aside, here's my thought of the overall of the game... (contain some spoiler)
My thoughts of the game

* I don't understand how Don Paolo could fit into the shape of Flora! XD It's just NOT POSSIBLE! (This game is full of puzzles indeed XD) Hiimdaisy did a parody of this... and did a great job too. =w= Her Professor Layton is priceless. lmao

* I should have known why Professor Layton was so interested in Katia when they return on the train while he got Flora with him. It's because Flora wasn't Flora! lol And Professor Layton

* If Professor Layton is consider as handsome, then Anton (Prior to aging) is super handsome!

* Professor Layton didn't save the Anton but Katia... I suppose to be a gentlemen, you're only kind or notice the girls... :P

* Professor Layton have hair! XD His hat kinda flew up abit so saw the hair... but it was like for a slight 1-2 second thing. Damn there's no replay/pause function on this game. :P

* Tragic love... yet its so old school. I could guessed that there's a reply in the box. orz 1 of the many question I had in mind was why would Sophia think Anton could not accept the fact they have a baby. D: Not logical... also the way Sophia puts it is misleading too. orz

* The Flora on the train in the end, I hope it's not another undercover... =v=' It always makes me wonder why he would do such a thing... is it because he's in love with Professor Layton...? lol

* I like the music of the box... <3

Other thoughts:

OMG! Not sure if I'm reading correctly, but the english voice are only done by ONLY 2 PEOPLE!?!?!?!

Christopher Robin Miller as:
Professor Hershel Layton
Inspector Chelmey
Don Paolo


Lani Minella as:
Luke Triton
Flora Reinhold

@.@ Or is this only wiki information being wrong...? Follow link

Can't wait for the next game/story! Maybe I should start on the Devils Survivor... orz

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